Your Weekly Faith Declaration for Businesses




Your small business, about which you seem to be moaning and which you appear to be considering giving up, is precisely the one on which you should focus your attention and energy.


Tremendous blessings can occasionally be found in difficult places. I encourage you to keep investing your time and effort in the business and have faith that God will give you the grace to succeed.


I declare that God will remove anyone competing with you negatively in your field and sending unfavourable energies your way to ensure your business's failure.


The Lord will direct your business and professional lives. 


If your business has failed, God will give you fresh ideas and guidance. Connect with Him and push aside your doubt and feelings of hopelessness.


You will get significant blessings in exchange for everything in your business that isn't currently growing. You just keep developing your capacity to be able to manage success when it comes. 


I declare that you're going to shine in what you do.


Even though you've lost your job, keep hoping. God will place you in a position that you will adore and appreciate. A thrilling job that will be greatly beneficial. Despite how hopeless your position may seem right now, the Almighty wants nothing more than to guide you and form you through all the struggles so you can become all He intends you to be. He's right behind you, moving you into your professional destiny.


I declare that with your eyes closed, you will make money. With your eyes closed, money will come to you, in the name of Jesus.


As you work hard and strategically in your business, money will come to you easily, endlessly, and without end. Declare it now with your mouth!


God, the source, has a blessing for you in your business. Don't miss it. Pray, meditate, wait, and put your faith in Him.


Good luck with your business, people. If you see the big picture, comment "Amen" below.


Love and light,

Damilola Ogunremi,

Etiquette and Image Consultant



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