Know, Your Work Relationship Etiquette

At work, a man became friends with one of his coworkers. He told this friend about some shortcomings he had observed in the leadership skills of one of their junior bosses during a meal. This friend went to tell the boss what he said. This boss was promoted to manager the following month, and he requested HR fire this man due to the deplorable things he said about him. The man claimed that his friend had misinterpreted what he said, adding that it was just an observation and that he hadn't meant to say anything negative. HR asked him to apologise to this boss even though they did not fire him. He did, but he found it difficult to work under the man and was forced to quit the job on his own.

Maintaining healthy work relationships is key to a peaceful and productive work environment. How do we distinguish between being open and oversharing, though? Here are some timeless etiquette guidelines to help you strike this delicate balance: 🀝

1️⃣ Regarding work relationships, be both professional and approachable. Be empathetic and a good listener, but always keep your boundaries in check.

2️⃣ When it comes to sharing personal information, listen to your gut. Before you reveal something to a coworker you consider a friend, ask yourself if the colleague is someone in your competition or not. If you want to share something, consider whether it will contribute positively or potentially jeopardise your work relationships with the person and other people at work.

3️⃣ When it comes to forming relationships at work, focus on common ground. Build rapport through shared interests and hobbies that are appropriate for the workplace, rather than connecting with others by spreading rumours and disparaging your colleagues.

4️⃣ When it comes to your professional relationships, keep your personal information private, as well as anything a coworker has shared with you in confidence. It doesn't follow that just because someone shared their life story with you, you should share something delicate about your own. It's impossible to predict a person's motivations for doing something. Before you cross that line, make sure trust has been earned. Make sure you always uphold confidentiality in all of your professional relationships by being cautious about what you disclose about others or yourself. πŸ’ΌπŸ‘₯

It takes time and practice to become an expert in the art of having productive work relationships. Keep in mind that developing solid relationships is essential to succeeding professionally. Whenever you’re unsure about your professional relationships, seek guidance!

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