Etiquette Hints & Tips: Teeth Picking in the Public

Is it rude to pick your teeth at the table? Yuck! That’s gross! Yes, covering your mouth with your fingers and using a toothpick to remove anything stuck between your teeth, picking or flossing your teeth out in the public, at the table and in front of others is considered rude and bad manners. I’m sure you don’t the piece of meat or fish to go flying out of your mouth on the person next to you or on their food. 

What if there’s no washroom to pick your teeth in the public, then use a napkin or a hanky. Place it over your mouth and as unnoticeable as possible, pick out the offending bit that’s stuck in your teeth. If you don’t have any of those handy, wait until you get back home.

So the next time you need to pick your teeth in the public, make sure to use the above etiquette tip.

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