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What's Your Norm?

What is your norm? Where do polite, respect, kind and considerate moments appear in your day and how frequent are they? My guess is that many of us will have a hard time answering that question.

My own norm is to make my behavior very sweet. With classic behavior thrown out the window in our society, it's been hard maintaining refined disposition. In my daily life, I try with an intention to choose kindness over violence, compassion over cruelty, and action over indifference. I believe good manners surprisingly offer sweet ways to respond and interact with people to get the best results in today's world.

We spend so much time and energy focusing on the negatives that affect us. When a difficult, conflicting or angry moment appears, as I encourage me, I encourage you to put in the intentional effort to lower the emotional level by acting kindly. This act of thoughtfulness brings goodness and smile.

We should all make good manners our norm to make the world a better place for everyone. Thank you for always valuing my invaluable thoughts. Much love to all. Damilola Ogunremi, DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting.



Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things...

Are You Putting Down Your Value?

Is where you go, how you carry yourself and the sort of friends you keep putting down your value? If your answer is equivocal 'YES.' Well, it's time you evaluate these three things in your life and make the right choices. If you must know, the pedestal you decide to place yourself in life can either detract from your value or add to it. The sort of people you surround yourself with and the way you choose to present yourself. To start making the right choices today, first of all, make your mind your best friend, and begin to create a greater reality of yourself. Stop letting people or yourself put you down, belittling your worth and making light of your potentials in the face of others. Humility and low self-esteem, are not the same. You're a valuable person, unique and worthy. Hold on to this belief in your daily life and soon, a precious you shall be established. Desist from underestimating yourself from now on. Be high in self-esteem. Much love to all, Damilola Ogunremi, DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting.


Do you know of any problem-free life? While to one person the world is desolate, dull, and empty and to another the same world looks rich, interesting, and full of meaning I am yet to see anyone with a problem-free life. Look within; are you courageously standing up for yourself or you’re giving up on yourself?

Instead of questioning why you’re not living an ideal, problem-free life and feeling sorry for the impediments to your advancement in life, I suggest you ‘launch,’ to be able to unearth the ground-breaking ways to soar above your disappointments, doubts, distress, and barriers. For instance, to raise yourself above obstacles to a higher level of excellence and goal achievement, give what you’re doing the unqualified efforts to succeed and never give up until success is gained.

Email now for sessions drsetiquetteconsulting@mail.com. I’m happy to work you through your fear-based habits and help transform your inner chaos and confusion into courage. Let me know how things are going with you. I’d love to hear from you. 

The Dreamers

A little tip for your Monday! To be a recognizable winner, open up your bottled dreams and be stubbornly determined to be the best you are capable of becoming. Be consistent in what your hands find doing. Say to those challenges making your hours of labor worthless, that no amount of them can deter you from lending the best to your dreams.

Dreaming doesn't cost a thing. Have the best for free. And then, pay the price of being criticized, misunderstood or even abandoned. But continue being a dreamer anyway. Be a forward thinker, the far-sighted, the imaginative, and the visionary.

Crush your fear, break new ground. Go to those companies you've been turned down before. Go the companies you're afraid of approaching with your ideas. Work on those ideas you've locked away in your drawers for so long. Forge new paths today, because success is no more than doing bold new extraordinary things.

Undergraduate Empowerment Program

Developing the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta undergraduates to become professionals, who are persistent, prepared, and polished to have an advantage in today's 21st Century Cultured Job Search Market. I thank Mrs. Kemi Tomide-Johnson, the CEO of Klimax, a UK base Relationship Support Network (NGO) for creating this empowerment platform to impact the youth positively.


How not to be in Debt after Your Wedding

In Nigeria, It's not unheard of for some people to become financially drained and a debtor after their wedding. In all honesty, I understand our appetite to have our ‘owambe' kind of society party with the very wealthy showing off and the not-so-wealthy feeling pressured to overspend, getting into debt.
But in this kind of our economy, it's either you go moderate affair way or you go broke. If you are engaged and planning to get married, It's an important part of wedding etiquette for you, your fiancé, your parents, and his parents to make a list of everyone you want to invite. If the number of people is too many, reduce from the list.
This might be difficult, but to avoid being financially exhausted after your wedding, balance the number of invitations on both bride and the groom's side. I know that this could limit the number of applauding you will get after your wedding, but you will have peace of mind, sleep and eat well.

How to Pronounce 'Gigantic'

Online English Pronunciation Free Classes with Damilola. This week pronunciation titbit: “Gigantic.” Broad swaths of Nigerians pronounce this word in a way that's different from its accurate pronunciation. They tend to pronounce this word as “jai-jan-tik.” Native speakers pronounce it “jai-gan-tik” /dʒaɪ’gæntɪk/. Note that the second “g” in the word “Gigantic” changes to /g/ instead of /j/.

Mingling Skills Training

More energy is wasted on thinking some people are born natural conversationalist who knows how to network effectively at a business event or a social function or that some employees are simply lucky! The truth is luck has nothing to do with it.
Effective networking takes effort, skill, and practice. Fortunately, mingling effectively can be easy with our MECG Mingling training course which lays the foundation for putting your best foot forward and building relationships with new people you meet that can become potential clients.
Available Formats: One-on-one and in-house training. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me on 📱08170768650.

How to Pronounce 'Enough'

Online English Pronunciation Free Classes with Damilola. Do you want to avoid ambiguity when speaking & be understood in personal & work life? Work with me towards better pronunciation of English words by understanding where and how we produce sounds for accuracy. This week pronunciation titbit: “Enough.” A lot of Nigerians pronounce this word in a way that's different from its accurate pronunciation. They tend to pronounce this word as “e-nor-fu.” Native speakers pronounce it “a-nu-f” /i’nʌf/. Because of the confusing nature of English spelling, I suggest you start thinking of English pronunciation in terms of phonemes rather than letters of the alphabet.

How to Pronounce 'Skip' and 'Skin' Properly

Online English Pronunciation Free Classes with Damilola. Do you want to avoid ambiguity when speaking & be understood in personal & work life? Work with me towards better pronunciation of English words by understanding where and how we produce sounds for accuracy. This week pronunciation titbit: “skin” and “skip” The mispronunciation of these words in Nigeria English is “skp” and “skn.” They kind of skip over the Monophthong short vowel “ɪ” that is in the middle of the words. Native speakers pronounce these words as “skin” “skip.” Note that the letter “I” is not silent. And in these words, the letter “I” is not saying its name as “ai”, but “ɪ.”

How to Pronounce 'Luxury'

Online English Pronunciation Free Classes with Damilola. Do you want to avoid ambiguity when speaking & be understood in personal & work life? Work with me towards better pronunciation of English words by understanding where and how we produce sounds for accuracy. This week pronunciation titbit: Luxury. Many Nigerians in their conversational English pronounce this word as “lor-ki-zi-ry.” British articulate the word as “luksheri”/ /‘l˄k.∫ ᵊr.i/ and American pronunciation sound it as “lukshei” /‘l˄k.∫Əʳ.i/ making the “r” subtle. For easy articulation, I suggest you pronounce the word as “luksheri” And not “lor-ki-zi-ry.” 

Should Your Online Meeting Only Be Narrowed to Romantic Relationship?

When meeting people online especially Facebook, the natural default is a romantic relationship. This is a narrow mentality without considering the vast possibility that emerges from meeting a person.
People should connect because of ideas to build a community or a nitch of people with common goals and ideals. A lot of careers has made it in a big way just by meeting someone on the internet. The Internet can prove extremely useful, not only as a way to find a romantic relationship but to grow business.
Stop blowing out your opportunities with warp approach. Influence your online connection for more success.


True Stories from the DRS Manners Counter

Q: I am an undergraduate lady of 25-years old, from a middle-class family. I lost my father at a younger age. Presently, I'm pressured by a man of 78-years old for a romantic relationship. He's the father to my ex-step-father. As the first child, my circumstances are that I have responsibilities in ensuring that my siblings are taken care of and I need money to support myself while studying. This man promises to take care of all my money needs if I will date him, but I don't want to go against my morals or let any man degrade me. What should I do?.
A: A relationship should be an experience between two consenting people. It should never be forced. Sadly, sometimes there are men who pressure for a relationship and go as far as enticing you with material goods and money. Chances are that you're just an old age distraction for this enormous jerk and you'd get kicked to the curb for a predecessor, once he's done sleeping with you. I suggest you tell him in a clear, firm, direct way that you're not interested. Let your actions and body language reflect what you're saying, so your meaning of 'no' is not misinterpreted. I suppose this will lower the intensity of his pressure.
If you're reading this post, kindly add your contribution in the comment section below for this young woman. Thank you.

Comments that May Destroy You!

There are so many things that can kill great talented, hard-working people...
"You're doing such an amazing job." "You are wonderful! You blow my mind with your piece." "I love what you are doing. You're such a beautiful soul." "I love you. I wish I could be just like you."
Sweet comments that might destroy you, if you take them too far. When fans or people tell you that, they love you, they want to be like you then, you have an obligation to continue building yourself to be peculiar.
When you hear "I wish I could be just like you," by this people mean to say that, they admire what you are doing to influence the world around you. The talent you have. The special gift inside of you! Some great people have destroyed their lives by not knowing how to handle these comments. Make certain it doesn't happen to you by going the extra mile to keep doing amazing things.
The next time you are showered with these sweet comments, be careful you are not developing inflatable character. It isn't really about you, but the values you are offering. Keep creating the right image and more success.


Are You a Bad Competition?

Collaborations are opportunities for you to display your skills or services, put your name out into the community, and be seen as an expert. It can give you the chance to break into a larger market in your area of specialization. There is nothing wrong with this best and cheapest marketing tool entrepreneurs have to expand their businesses, yet I have seen so many of them always becoming cagey when they meet someone doing the same business as them.
I'm one of the few entrepreneurs who are happy to meet people in my industry without fear. I know someone is already saying in their mind that, I'm stupid. Behind their heads lurk the idea that they will steal their secrets and way of doing business if they are stupid like me. No, I'm not! It's just my mindset! I simply know small, but powerful recipes for good competition. We are aware that it's a competitive landscape and some people will go to any length to steal from you, howbeit, you can survive!
When you meet someone from your field and they are willing to collaborate with you, the number 1 thing you should do is decide how you want to collaborate. Number 2, avoid giving away your trade secrets or intellectual property in the name of collaboration. Number 3, have a goal you are both willing to work on for the collaboration. This could be as simple as sharing resources or tool you come up with for the course of the collaboration.
Collaboration is not about giving away your trade secret but learning and sharing ideas for the development of individual businesses. Have the right mindset. Stop practicing bad competition. Expand beyond a fraction.

Dining for Naira

Have you experienced the embarrassment of being told you eat loudly; are you making the same mistakes some businesspeople make during a business meal; and finally, would you like to project confidence and present more polished, professional impeccable dining manners?
Our DRS BETC - 111 DINING FOR NAIRA training course demystifies the use of good table manners which is an important social skill that can help employees fit more quickly in their workplace and reflect a better image of themselves and their company when dining with clients.
Let us help you walk into any dining situation and immediately feel comfortable, portray confidence and focus on whatever business or social needs to be addressed. For more inquiry call 08170768650.

Civility Ambiance in Schools Program

43 Etiquette & Social Skills Modules
30 Weeks Training Whole Academy Session
Classroom Discussion per Module 
Classroom Assignment per Module
15 Questions Mid-Term Exam
30 Questions Final Exam
End of the Year Project (Optional)
Certificate of Completion.

Our CAS training course will increase your institution productivity, mission effectiveness, and image promotability; improves parents' satisfaction and public admiration because being able to turn out the best-rounded students makes a school standout in the finest way.
By the end of the training, your school will be able to: eliminate breeding grounds for rudeness, build politeness in school, produce students who have respect for the needs and feelings of others, develop close student-teacher relationships, and make students to enjoy school, do well academically, behave morally, and stay out of trouble in school and in the society. For more inquiry please call 08170768650.

How to Pronounce 'Opportunity'

Online English Pronunciation Free Classes with Damilola. Do you want to avoid ambiguity when speaking & be understood in personal & work life? Work with me towards better pronunciation of English words by understanding where and how we produce sounds for accuracy. This week pronunciation titbit: Opportunity. This word is popularly pronounced “or-por-tuu-ni-tee” in Nigerian English. Native speakers pronounce it “or-pet-y-ni-ti.” Follow the transcription /ɒpǝ’tjnɪtɪ/ Note that the letter “U” sounds /y/ our native consonant sound.

Totally Unaware?

Hey, are you totally unaware of the self-inflicted success limiting behavior you harbor? It is so easy not to know you're doing something wrong when you have been doing it for a long time. I met a professional three days ago at the library, but his ill-fitting, red oil stained, dirty, rumpled shirt and bad language was an embarrassment to his image. Everybody avoided him. This is a self-inflicted success-limiting behavior. Imagine that this professional was to meet a potential customer by his choice of outlook, he has lost this opportunity.
On two occasions I've met two school owners wear a creased shirt to their schools. Plus, their body odor is an issue on its own. This makes wonder if ironing or having a polished appearance is a thing of the past.
Once you are stepping out of your house there is no minor trip. Influence how you are perceived positively. Appearance is on one of the most important traits to uphold. Improve your efforts to create a well put-together look that embraces your unique way that elevates your image. Don't cheapen your look. Standout in a good way.

Happy Teacher's Day!!


Be Deliberate with Your Image

A lot of factors depict success and your thinking; the way you talk and behave is one aspect. Ultimately, this means that you need to be much more deliberate with your image if you want to be incredibly successful in life. Start setting ground rules to give up the bad habits that might impede your opportunities and begin building the habits that will lead to success in all areas of your life.

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