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How to Make Your Business Networking More Successful

Let me ask you:

Have you ever wanted to try leverage your business and personal connection to bring you more business and nothing happened?

Like the young man that prompted me to write this article, have you been to many business activities by which businesspeople and entrepreneurs gather to form business relationships and you are still not creating MORE SUCCESS?

If you are going to network more effectively and create more business opportunities, you are probably going to have to understand the other faucet of business networking. 

Once you have tried using your connection with other people to find more business, support, and customers and no success then, you need to stop pumping your life savings into fuel and juggling public transport. Take a break, understand the other factors of business networking.

Here is a look at the other aspects of business networking for determining a successful business networking efforts. 

The most important factor of successful networking is that you must connect to good people, and change the circle that has not been working for you. How would you identify good business people?

Good business people are sincere, true and honest on every side.  They are people bold enough to confront you and give you constructive criticism that would make your business better, and you must be open to their advice.

They are good competition. They are not people afraid to bring you into their circle, because you might steal their spot. You can tell this from the moment you meet this class of people. They share ideas and visions with you. They are so broadminded!

You must have a generous image to attract this good people. Image is the other dimension in business networking. Is the way people see us. It influences whether people would further want to develop a business relationship with you or not.

Running my kind of business, I sometimes give people advice that help them have coordinated outfits, and that brought me into the clothing business. I was shopping recently for a client when a woman approached me in the market. She explained she was just laid off work and she would love to go into the clothing business. I didn’t hesitate. I left my shopping and showed her round the places she could buy goods and make good profit. Something people in this sort of business hardly do. After, she asked for my contact. I gave her my phone number and first name.

The next thing, this woman wanted to connect to me on Facebook. I was shocked. How did she get my full my names? I only gave her my first name. The day she had met me in the market I was looking so ordinary and was just recuperating from an accident so I looked sick. I wondered why she wanted a connection with me. So, I asked her. In her words she said, “You were nice the first time we met, I wouldn’t just let that slide.”

A generous image would help you make a remarkable impression on your would be helpful connection. 

Don’t be mechanical about business relationship. Let it grow naturally putting a lot of efforts into in it. To flourish within the relationship, practice honesty, patience, respect, apology, gratitude and take an interest in what interest your connection.

Offer your resources and help to your connection. Only by building business relationships like this would you find customers or referral through networking.

Another facet of networking is that you must have a transformed mindset to be able to say the right thing which influences your helpful connection, so that it’s not difficult for you to have more success. When you meet good business people that could be of help to your business, don’t start blabbing. Don’t show off.

When it comes to business networking, you must be able to say the right things and behave in the right ways.

From me to you, I hope that you hone your business networking skills applying the aforementioned, whether you are an entrepreneur or a business person. 

Keep Creating More Success
Damilola Ogunremi


How to Teach Students to Be Cooperative

Could caning or striking deter students from being uncooperative? In my years of teaching and in a lot of cases, caning stimulates a beastly disrespect for the authority in question, especially in secondary schools. 

Applying caning to punish offending students can detract from our competence as teachers.
So what then can we do if we don’t want to cane or punish students who are uncooperative?

When students are uncooperative when we want them to, with all punishment importance this is not the time to cane or punish cruelly. We can’t do anything about the fact that some students will sometimes joke with the classroom positive culture, and all we can do is try to keep this type of act from happening ever again when they occur.

Here is a scenario:
I was going to take a phonics and phonetics class one day in a school when I saw a student being punished and sent out of the classroom. Contrary to what the teacher expected, from the moment the student walked out of the classroom, reeling from three lashes to his butt, he was insolent!

When I drew closer to him, I asked why he was sent out of the classroom. He said the reason was because he was drumming on the desk while teaching was going on, and that was why his teacher got real angry at him. I decided to tell him a story of a boy who behaved exactly like him and suddenly lost his parents.

Slowly I told him how this boy was moved from relative to relative who did not care for his education after his parents died. And by the time his mates graduated secondary school and he was hawking chin-chin for an aunt, he wished he had used well the time his parents and teacher tried investing in his education.  

So the moral of the whole story; I made this young boy realize the consequences of demeaning time. Both the precious time his teacher devoted to teaching him and the time he’s supposed to learn something that would give him better outcomes in life. Consequences can be a person’s biggest lesson. While your story might not be too tragic as the aforementioned, let students know the impact their actions would have on them. Use consequences as model to correction instead of striking. This technique should be a custom in our classrooms and schools when students are uncooperative.

Furthermore, I told the student that if I were in his shoes, when the class period comes to an end I would walk up to the teacher and I would apologize. I would say something like, (giving the student specific language to use) “Mrs. Abba, I am sorry I disrespected your class.” Why did I give the student word-for-word language, because he might not have it himself?

Telling a child to do something without teaching him how makes no sense at all. So I taught him what to say. Now, how did I actually have him to apologize? Simple: As I’ve said above, I made the situation a loss one for him so that he sees that as he is hurting the teacher, he’s also inflicting ruins on his future. If head of schools and teachers take the opportunity to let students learn the consequences of their bad actions instead of caning and unleashing harsh punishment, the teaching jobs become easier and the student lives become better.

That being said, I’m not suggesting that we should ignore punishing students sometimes. But I am suggesting that competent teachers and head of schools don’t have to react harshly every time a student steps out of line. When teachers bring this exercise to life in their classrooms, they do more than alleviate classroom discipline problems and prepare their students for success in the work environment. These effective teachers help to build a more peaceful world.

Action Point: Determine to ignore trivial disturbances and develop the ability to respond to inappropriate behavior without escalating the situation. When student are uncooperative, let them see that as they hurt their teacher, they inflict loss on themselves. 

If you need more help on constructive teaching, please drop a message for me using the contact form.

Create More Success
Damilola Ogunremi


How to Have a Healthy Self-Image

Since I was a young woman, a trainer and management consultant, I’ve been captivated by the difference in the quality of people’s images. Why do some people attempt difficult task and succeed at it while other people with everything they have going on for them are the least to achieve excellent results in challenging responsibilities?

I found that those who overcome perplexing challenges, quite often are those who are positive persons. They are constantly so positive about things. To them, negativity could be tired out under the bombardment of constant self-positivism. And this is why you must also thrive to start down the positive track to begin building a positive you.

What Can You Do To Activate The Self-Positivism In You?

Imbedding positivism in your personality makes it possible to survive many unnerving challenges in this life. With a healthy self-image, you would have good healthy thoughts, enjoy a happy you and keep your life in order. Self-positivism makes it possible for you to concentrate only on what’s important and not on the things or people who brings you down.

One of my grannies said her father used to call her thoughtless, (alaini irori) in my language, because she never let any bad condition or anyone weigh her down. She was always so positive even in the most hopeless situation, may her soul rest in peace. It’s the same quality my daddy shares. He is so much in control of his mind that, he decides whether to be upset about poor condition or not.

You can start today like this two marveling personalities to begin building a positive you. Living a life of positivism involves every aspect of your thinking.  So to activitivate the positive you, let your thinking go from negative to positive, from ordinary to extraordinary and from average to exceptional.

Even when families and friends, and situations underrate you, keep in mind that the trick to building a positive you in life is to regularly alter positively every negativity that comes your way, adjusting your thinking and words to be positive.

What’s the other dynamic ways that a person can build a positive them? Any tips you can add to the list? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. For help on exercises you can adapt to build a positive you, please use the contact me option to email me.

Create More Success
Damillola Ogunremi


Free Vs. Paid Workshops – Which should you do?

Are ‘free’ workshops really ‘free?’ No! As service providers we are investing something, our time, renting training facility, equipment and some cost.
Recently I was having discussion with a colleague who said he can never run a free program. According to him people tend to measure value in ‘money’ terms, rather than measuring value in ‘value’ terms. They generally see value charged and everything ‘free’ as worthless. So basically, nothing should be ‘free.’

So should you price some of your workshops and make some absolutely free? Let’s read on to know.

Serving a purpose – In the early stages of launching DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting, we established three free workshops to take place yearly for children and youth, the unemployed and for women empowerment. These workshops are solely humane. It’s our way of giving back to the community and creating a people armed with the necessary knowledge to live a holistic and fulfilling life.
Now the ‘free in this sort of workshop is not a poor one. For this kind of workshop you can’t charge the participants for partaking in your training, but you can push for a token fee for training material, until you have enough players to fully support your vision.

Mistake – Never make a mistake of running free workshops with the aim of up selling people to your more advanced courses.

What to do – instead of offering an absolute free workshop, create low paid entry level training and premium priced training. When you go this route, you will not get all the clients. But you will get people who sense value and pay for premium and that’s fine. Your growth will be steady and progressive.

Should the pure perks stop? My answer is unequivocal NO! As service providers when we offer ‘free’ training we are being ‘generous’ and ‘impacting’ lives, and  that’s an act that should never go out of style. What you may do so that your training is not ‘poor free’ is to apply the qualification option for people to qualify to attend your free training. That being said, avoid buzz like sign up for this and that to qualify to participate in dash workshop.

Example; you can say ten winners will be drawn at random. The prize can be a waiver of Effective Communication Skills Workshop of up ₦60,000.00. The odds of winning the prize will depend on the total number of qualified entries received.

And then, to qualify for the entry in the drawing, you can set up requirements that must be met. I will say for example: (1) the entrant must be a new customer (2) the entrant must be a customer service personnel, to fit the Expected audience (3) must recommend the workshop (4) must attend our future paid workshops.

Essentially, you need to know why you are running a workshop so that, you can decide whether to charge or not.

Create More Success
Damilola Ogunremi


Empowering Emerging Leaders To Fill A Need

We have our Annual Children and Youth Empowerment Workshop this month. If you are not busy on May 26th, join the parents who raise children with High EQ, Moral Values and Entrepreneurial Skills to Succeed in Life and Work. CLICK HERE to register your children or call Damilola, on 08170768650 to put down children’s details. Admission is FREE!!! Help your children prepare for the future they will one day create for themselves. This event is FULLY SUPPORTED By Sterling Assurance Nigeria Limited.

How to Achieve Your Dream Goal Using Simple Tips!

When the dream goal we have set for ourselves is bigger than the resources we have to make it happen, dream goal often times don’t come true easily. Shall we then stop dreaming big? No! So what is the differentiator that enables some people “achieve” their dream goal while others never experience the joy of seeing their own dream come true?

I spoke with some of my superiors early this week about the things that can hold us back from accomplishing our dream goal. I would like to share some limitations we identified. If you ever feel confused to your own dream goal, then this is for you.

Ignorance, timidity, lack of mentorship, environmental influence, lack of resources like money and time was identified as limiting factors in our ability to make our vision happen.

What then can be done? The fundamental requirement to achieving your dream goal effectively is to approach it sequentially. What can you do first to program yourself out of limitation? The foremost thing you need to do is to ask yourself. What are the dream goals you have in pipeline and how do they differ in hurdles and potential? Keeping in mind that you need to identify the most possible dream goal to begin to make the reasonable plans for success.

For example, let’s say you’ve always wanted to start your own business. That’s a precise dream goal. Once this dream is in motion, turn it into a strong motivation. Developing your dream goal into a strong motivation boosts self-confidence and would help you in pulling through the worst stages common to new business. The next thing is to believe that your dream goal is achievable.

Once your dream goal has been identified, start gathering information from those who has been in the business before you, for the business know-how. Be informed on how to utilize limited money and time for operational attainment. Get wisdom, get knowledge. Acquire more of it from time to time. Be open to learning. Give yourself to research and reading books for the benefit of your business.

What’s the other factor that can help a person make their dream goal happen? Any tips you can add to the list? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Create More Success
Damillola Ogunremi

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