For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids | Teaching Good Values

As you lavish your children with expensive needs and wants and provide them with a fancy education, don't overlook the character-building aspect of their development. Also, focus on instilling in them moral principles and a sense of responsibility, giving them the important tools they will need to successfully navigate life.

In my book, For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids, I offer practical advice for developing your children's character.

Children are impacted by characters at every stage of their lives. Whatever it takes, don't let anything keep you from encouraging positive words, thoughts, actions, and emotions to develop in your children as they grow.

As a parent and a strong role model, teach your children good values and ethics that will help them develop a strong character, which will serve as a solid foundation for their future.

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The best gift you can give your children is how properly you raise them. It will serve them for a lifetime. This is not trendy information. This is practical wisdom for a lifetime. 

Give your children a good upbringing.

You'll be glad for the rest of your life that you gave it your all to raise them well.

When you don't neglect your children's character development. Most of your days with them will be better as soon as they reach an appropriate age, and occasionally even when they are still very young. With their actions, they will make better decisions. I know this.

If you want to go ahead and get started with helping your children be well-behaved and emotionally responsible, get a copy of my book and book a class today.

To your happier parenting!💚

Damilola Ogunremi,
Etiquette and Image Consultant 

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