First Impression Skills, Email, and Telephone Etiquette


Your journey to providing excellent customer service begins the moment a customer walks into your business, calls, emails, or sees a post about your company on social media. Hence, making a first impression is crucial.

When a customer physically approaches you or when you approach them to become a customer, they form an impression of you and how your business operates. The fact that this impression is being formed subliminally is not even noticed by the person. Utilise the two suggested tips below and sign up your company for our First Impression Skills, Email, and Telephone Etiquette course to enhance favourable first impressions in the workplace and increase customer loyalty to your company.

Be courteous: Use courteous language, expressions, and behaviours that send strong messages that you care about treating the customer with courtesy. Customers usually recognise and appreciate a brand's sophisticated culture of respect and favouritism toward them.

Have a Positive Attitude: To overcome a poor first impression that can ruin your relationship with the customer, start by addressing any negative attitudes you may have and replacing them with positive attitudes that can improve a good first impression with the customer in the company you work for or your own business. Work on your personality. Positive attitudes become second nature once your personality has been pruned.

👉First Impression Skills, Email and Telephone Etiquette

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