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How to Be Considerate of Co- Tenants

Which of these do you agree with?
A person should be considerate of co-tenants in the building where he or she lives, and avoid talking loud or playing loud music.
A person can keep noise high, TV, Radio in his or her home not minding co-tenants. After all, is his or her home!
If you agreed with the first statement, then you need to determine in your heart today to change and become an agent of consideration, peace and friendliness who promotes good neighborliness in your community.
If you agreed with the second statement, congratulations you are already a “learning person” who finds it helpful in brushing up on his or her manners.
Being a tenant in a flat, self-contained or owned house is not like living in some face-me-I-face you house. There are some kinds of quiet and peace you get to enjoy when you go to bed at night and when the dawn is near or any time of the day you escape from the noise out there to come back to your house. But this is not always the case anymore, especially in L…

Be Quiet


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