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How to encourage your child to keep trying

“Want to maximize your child motivation on learning? Here are two tips that are sure to help.” In a class or at home, there are times that waiting on a child to giveback is incredibly frustrating especially when you have put in so much effort to describe how the child can do a task and he isn’t improving. It seems the easier resolve would be to allow such a child to move onto another activity or task rather than keep struggling with one task. It is even more frustrating when you are waiting for the child to learn to eat and finish his food, or learn to wear shoes on the right feet in order for you to go attend to a task. You believe the child have plenty of time, and so you just stop pushing him / or her to continue trying again.
A lot of time it is not just time and patience an instructor needs to teach a child. If you are a parent or a teacher, you would need to learn all forms of learning in a child, whether inward or outward. Briefly, we would look at two ideas that encourage learni…