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Sunday, 30 September 2018

You Are What They See

How you behave shapes a child's character for life. Beware of your moral responsibilities to your children.
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DRS Mummies Phonics Training Workshop

Learn how to teach your child to spell and read effectively. Find out how English words are constructed and pronounced correctly and learn multiple techniques for practicing phonics at home with your child in a fun and memorable way.
This workshop has been designed to help mothers, relatives or caregivers understand what their children are doing in class and provide them with practical information and ways to support their child's learning... It is also relevant for mothers who are interested in phonics for their own personal learning and development.
In Module 1, you will be looking at: what phonics is and how phonics helps your child learn reading and spelling the four key skills of saying and recognizing all the 42 speech sounds, blending, segmenting and letter formation helping your children to practice pre-writing and writing skills the International Phonetic Alphabet so that you can extend your own pronunciation skills.
In Module 2, you will be looking at: initial and ending consonant blends and blending two-syllable words how to help your child identify, read and spell tricky words, and recognize alternative spellings some common irregularities in English spelling. Registering is ongoing. Call Damilola on 08170768650 to register NOW.
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Etiquette Christmas Holiday Workshop For Kids

GET YOUR CHILDREN READY FOR HOLIDAY TRAVELING, VISITING AND DINNER TABLE MANNERS, AND GIVE YOURSELF A MUCH BETTER AND STRESS-FREE FAMILY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE. Boys and Girls 5 – 15. Dates: Saturdays October 27th, November 17th, & December 8th Time: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM Venue: 108, Herbert Macaulay Way Ebute Metta, Lagos.FEE: ₦10, 000.00 per child. Discounts available for siblings. For pre-registering inquiry, call Damilola on 08170768650.
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The DRS SATURDAY ARTICULATE KIDS CLUB is commencing from January 2019 Saturdays from 10.00am to 12 noon. At AKC Kids Club (ages 5-17) children are inspired to unleash their potential with activities in elocution, writing, grammar, reading, listening, speech and drama, communication skills, spoken English, public speaking, verse and prose, acting, and MORE. HELP YOUR CHILD FACE THE WORLD WITH CONFIDENCE. Call Damilola on 08170768650 to Enroll NOW! Quality supervision guaranteed.
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Private In-Home And Online Diction Tutoring

The reason why speaking English with 100% expertise can be a challenge is because English language schools and testing facilities focus only on four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking, but do not include proper pronunciation. Without pronunciation training, your vast knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary may be rendered inadequate and this reality can hold you back from being successful when stepping in the forefront to represent your company or climbing that proverbial corporate ladder. And if you are a mother of a child, your lack of good pronunciation may create an impediment to your child's literacy. Work with me and let me guide you to appropriate consonant and vowel usage and more Standard English British, so your communications are precise. We will remove all obstacles of miscommunication. BOOK YOUR PRIVATE CLASS NOW. Call 08170768650.
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Socially Adept

Practicing good manners in the public shows that you have regard for others. Teach your child to use good manners in the public.
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Exercise Wisdom

New week tips. There are important, but tricky connections who will employ you because of your unique knowledge lens and strength to execute for them business they know nothing of. Once they have an idea of the business through you, it is not uncommon for these sorts of people to turn against you diving into the condition that might bring you under the subject of anger and foolishness to give up the business and your reward. If you are like me who once used to be rash and throw away everything, I advise you turn a new leaf to become a wise entrepreneur. When you experience the vile of the likes of these people, stay calm. Avoid reacting emotionally. Think fast and essentially. Whatever happens, make sure not to give up your reward. Also, restrain from ruining the strategic relationship. As tricky as these people might be, you will need them a lot in your career as much as they will need you. No Emotional Charges. Be Calm. Be Powerful. Simply be Wise like the OWL.
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The principles that preside over etiquette are based on an awareness of others and respect. Parents prompt your child to treat others kindly in all situation.
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More Than Bravery

As most of us know, bravery doesn't pay the bills in business! To be successful and to stay in business we need more than bravery. As you maneuver your way through your business journey like me, I encourage you to add the instrument of hard work, skill, perseverance, passion, integrity, openness and honesty to create an active and prosperous business that will outlive you.
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True Stories From The DRS Manners Counter

Q: “My stepmother is twenty years junior to me in age so I call her ‘Ife.' Although, my father is not happy I call her by her name, but I can't address her in any other manner than this. What should my friends call her?”

A: They should call her Mrs. Whatever-Your Family Last-Name-Is or accord her by her child's name if she has any yet, and I would suggest you also do the same. Don't forget that many of the guidelines surrounding etiquette instruct us to honor and respect tradition. I'm sure this is the culture of your family. Otherwise, your father wouldn't be displeased. Besides, when you respect your stepmother, it is actually your father you respect. Getting along is possible when everyone in a polygamous family makes a personal commitment to family respect.

Hey people, I hope your day went as well as mine. I know you have your own take on this matter and you are itching to share it with this etiquette client. Kindly do so. Leave your contribution as a comment on the post. Thank you.
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Monday, 17 September 2018

Creating the Beautiful You in the Face of Scorn

👉Imagine letting people put you down. These people are in your family, church, workplace, neighborhood and amongst your friends. Does the thought of that make you feel you are worthless? Or maybe, like me, it motivates you to stand tall above their wagging tongues and degrading lips? I know that belittlement, which sets in when you are not applying your image skill in the face of scorn. Ha! Well, I would like for you to start taking control.

👉When people talk badly of you, envious of you, bring you down or just dislike you for no good reason usually, what stands in their way is their lack of self-confidence, pride or poor manners from wherever they are coming from or struggle for their own identity. So, instead of focusing on feeling less like the ugly duckling, finding yourself through wrong or forceful means, what you really need to do is to put your time and energies into building your “image skills.” Otherwise, as this awful people constantly wrestle with the issue of image in their lives, they would continue to bring you down.

👉I tell you, most of the dejection we experience in life sometimes comes partly from opening ourselves to the bile of the awful people around us and from not understanding who we really are. From now on, you must center your efforts not on replying to their attacks or feeling worthless but on changing your perspective on the damage they are posting. Consistently filter out their negatives. Have a positive attitude. Create a much more beautiful you. Consciously or unconsciously, decide the tone of your image.

👉So what kind of image do you want to create for yourself? It should be that of prominence because you are sons and daughters of greatness. You should want the best for yourself regardless of what anyone tells you or thinks of you.

👉Steps to creating the beautiful you:

👉To begin with, how do you measure your worth?  What do you think you are worth? If you are loving, kind, beautiful, decent, intelligent, sound, bright, smart, ambitious, charming, honest, admirable etc, then, this should be the qualities you choose to see when people say otherwise about you. Your choices should be based on these values, not the ugly things your mood tells you because of the bad which has been said about you. Choose your moods, actions, words, and attitudes, the terrible things flying about you shouldn’t do it for you.

👉Additionally there other things you need to learn to create the beautiful you like acquiring new skills? Go for it. Don’t just stand in the wave of your antagonists’ wrath. Have a clear mind and pioneering spirit in adapting your new skills. Have in mind that not everyone would appreciate you, love you, be your true friend or perceive you the way you are. So I advise you . . .  Be Positive. Be Worthy. Be Healthy. Be Beautiful!

Creating More Success with You,

Damilola Ogunremi
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Monday, 3 September 2018

Etiquette Tips. . .

Little etiquette for your new week! Ladies and gentleman why do you think you are a bother? Eliminating the phrases like “I hope I'm not bothering you,” “I'm sorry to bother you” in business and personal life will lift your stature in the eyes of others. It's much preferable to say “Excuse me. Do you have a moment? Than saying “I'm sorry to bother you.” Or you could say “Please I want to see you.” This state what you want, and as a result, you are more likely to get it without tarnishing your image. Passive phrases have a negative impact on your career or business image because you show you are weak. 
Start using powerful communication approach in your conversation. Stop letting others make the choice, and you are probably not getting what you want. Be assumptive. Be direct. The directness that comes with your want communicates a much deeper level of confidence, that you want customers, colleagues, friends, etc to see in you. So start using direct assertive statements. 
By the way, I have something a little special for you. It's a mini communication crash course that helps you eliminate self-discounting and passive phrases. With this course, you will start using direct assertive statements that pay off in your business and personal life. You can get this course for just N500. It's available in PDF FILE. DM for your copy or get in touch for information on our business and social etiquette consultation, training, and coaching. Email us at
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Professionalism and Etiquette in Education Teacher's Training

I'm happy we've wrapped up Professionalism and Etiquette in Education Teacher's Training Week. In our program, we walk teachers through 138 training modules to make sure they know the modern differentiator in the success that has revolutionized the “antique” teaching career paradigm. 
Beyond knowing the modern operating methods that meet the new demands of the competitive school business environment, we also teach how to stay ahead on the job. We believe that being a technically competent teacher doesn't mean much if you are lacking in professionalism and etiquette that lets you manage a positive public reputation and make your employer's school business standout in a good way. 
Start improving your growth and development now. Get in touch for more information about our PEED Training for your staff. The course is available for teaching and non-teaching staff.  Email us at or WhatsApp 📱08170768650
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For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids

For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids
Raise your Children Well and Become More Productive and Peaceful

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