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When Parents Are Ill-Mannered

One of the Ways of Knowing Rude Parents. . .
“Middle Aged Tenant. . . My neighbor’s water tank was filled to the top and dripping into my bedroom. I went upstairs to their apartment and told them to turn off their borehole machine. Shortly after I got back to my flat my neighbor’s first daughter, a young woman who recently finished from the university came by to tell me I was stupid for coming to tell them to turn off the borehole machine. She said I have no right whatsoever to instruct them. When I reported her to the parents, their response was that I must have been rude to their daughter to have been called "stupid."
“My Comment. . . I can never allow my brother to marry into this kind of family, because her sort of parents will never give good counsel when she has problems with her husband.”
Having the wrong amount of manners can reflect negatively on your children and young adults.By being polite to the adults offended with your children you show how responsible you can be. …