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Hitting “Successful Negotiations” always feels like a gamble

Whether you are a salesperson, manager, executive, marketer, service person or you are just a small business owner, each time you leave office for the field to seek a would-be customer you wonder if your negations are actually going to earn your business or company some financial success. . .
. . . Or it’s going to be yet another less-than-successful outcome.
You see other companies’ employees seem to hit it out of the park again and again with their negotiations. They have increase sales and brand mentions. 
How do they do it?
Well, some of them have gone beyond just doing their job in the competitive working environment to advance in their careers. They crack out all the delicious strategies for them to have more success on the job.
Many of them know something you don’t:
It’s not a matter of just going to the field to prospect the would-be customer in the traditional way.
It’s a matter of negotiating the right way during the prospecting process.
They don’t worry about the formula or…

BRAND NEW TRAINING: Enhancing your Productivity through Business Etiquette Acumen ‘18

If I had to choose one thing I have done in my customers’ business that made the growth they have experienced possible, this would be it:  Having the Top Business Etiquette Intelligence for a Successful Business. This massively increases employees’ efficiency and increase organizational productivity and financial bottom-line.
This business etiquette intelligence can be leveraged for your organizational growth and development. In the BRAND NEW TRAINING: Enhancing your Productivity through Business Etiquette Acumen (EPBEA’18) coming up February 26, 2018, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30pm,

I will be walking your employees through: *Business Etiquette *Impactful words and attitudes *Positive Self–Assertion *Influencing potential customers and clients behavior *Effective personal and corporate branding *Building and cultivating business relationships *Success in business and personal negotiations, and MORE creating the increase you deserve. 
The EPBEA 2018 workshop is open to all corporate organi…

Grow Yourself this New Year!

Dear Reader,

As we welcome 2018, ask yourself this question:

 How will you empower your job/career/business in 2018?
Are there business etiquette skills you need to develop or improve? Is there a new training worth investing in? The knowledge you have and your ability can determine whether you will achieve more success in 2018. In many corporate organizations, preferences are given to those who have acquired more knowledge than others. Book our training programs for 2018 and position yourself for more success in the new year.  Don’t remain inert in knowledge. Obtain more of it with DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting!

Over the past years, DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting provides training and consultation to businesses and public sector with focus on increasing organizational productivity and financial bottom-line. We strongly believe good business etiquette intelligence can be leveraged for organizational growth and development.
By giving us the chance to empower you in 2018, you influen…