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That Your Affairs Will Meet With Success

While I do believe praying intensely to God, fasting, meditating, or maintaining a high moral lifestyle could impact our lives and psyche positively, doing this without observing the certain core success principles may just result in futility and unaccomplished life.
There is so much more to do than solely engaging in moral and religious activities or rituals when shooting for success in any given endeavors. ‘That your affairs will meet with success’ the following tips could be of help:
Be consistent in your dealings. Diligence is key for a productive life!Make significant changes and choices that can enable your affairs to meet with success. Like waking up early to be productive and putting plans in motion for how your day should go.Keep yourself motivated in spite of challenges or possible disappointment.Acquire wisdom which will help you be a more creative problem solver. Such can be to stretch an old idea by adding a slant to use it to better your business.Master the skills that ar…

The Extraordinary Wife Complete Etiquette Guide

You have the style, brands, and luxury to get married, but do you have the knowledge of sustaining a marriage successfully where you are required to transform from a girl to a lady, where you are expected to play many roles i.e. daughter in law to your in-laws, a wife to your husband as well as effectively handling your professional life?
Our complete etiquette guide The Extraordinary Wife will help you lay the foundation of your life long relationship on sound principles, and strong moral bedrock. This thirty five-lesson-course will not only make you a beautiful bride but, evolve you as confident bride full of etiquettes, good impression and remarkable qualities.
Who is this course meant for?Ladies, a wanna-be bride, soon-to-be bride, currently a wife, or a divorcee who want to take important steps to develop outstanding character traits and the techniques to promote a blissful union. Isn’t that incredible? This detailed course gives you the information and knowledge necessary to balan…

Are Bad Times Really Bad?

Hope, expecting to see new opportunities and possibilities open before us, taking chances to change and grow toward our success, believing something good will happen to us, what will happen to us without them when we experience the best worst times of our lives?
Are bad times really bad? My answer to that is a clear no! I’m a living testament. When I recall my setbacks in the past, I see they were a blessing in disguise. Bad times are potholes you can’t avoid in life. They are put in your way for a good purpose. They turn out to bring a very favorable period with notably positive repercussions, and every action you take when things go wrong in your life will either enhance this good purpose or thwart it! REMARKABLE opportunities have a habit of happening to those who see stumbling blocks and negatives as a chance to better their immediate future.
So, go ahead to start encouraging yourself in bad times, and make choices that will impact your life FOREVER. No matter how hard life beats yo…

How Do You Watch Movies?

Most people don’t watch movies when it comes to learning and improving English Pronunciation. However, watching movies is a great way to figure out all kinds of words you mispronounce. And it’s time for you to stop seeing movies as a hobby or watching movies only as a way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Movies provide plenty of tools to effectively improve your English pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.
I suggest you choose movies with a watch with subtitles or you can download a correct subtitle for any movie of your choice. And I will recommend @english.with.cinema on Instagram just for you! She has an excerpt from different movies with subtitles you could learn from.
Your diction can be a powerful tool to further your image, entertain and inform. An evocative way which ultimately deepens others appreciation of your person. Never forget, how you speak reveals who you are, in a visceral way. Start today to think of watching movies as a relaxing and fun way to learn ho…

Back to Etiquette Guide for Mum

In less than two weeks the Easter Holidays will be over, and starting school again can be exciting for children. It can also be scary. For some children, that same fear factor can kick in when they are expected to behave well in their studies. This guide will provide you with an overview of etiquette manners to review with your children as they return back to school. Reminders about school bus etiquette, classroom etiquette, eating at school etiquette and more will help them set the stage for the whole school new term. 
Cost: This ₦1500 digital downloadable PDF file has been discounted for you for a giveaway price of ₦600.00.

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Grind Down In the FAILURE Zone?

A number of people have told me, “Nothing is working. Life is hard. There are disappointments and failures everywhere.” True, there are hurdles to confront when trying to make a distinct difference in life, and many will keep seeing failure as a giant problem unless they understand this factor. But, for those who have the right mindset, their end results can be explosive in spite of their stumbling.
When you put in quite an effort and failure perpetually ‘grinds down’ your great expectations, what will bring about a remarkable end eventually, is largely a matter of what you really believe in your innermost being. There is no medicine like hope, and no curative like having faith in yourself even when you fail 100 times. I want you to start today to go through life choosing to live the opposite way of your failures. When failures assail, find out why, and take steps that rectify the errors instead of allowing you to be struck down. Be confident that whatever didn’t go your way is a plan …

Get The Skills To Achieve Perfect Wardrobe

Do you know that while there are lots of interesting patterns, styles and fabrics that you might love, not all of them are suitable for your body type? A friend of mine used to have a flat tummy before she had her three kids. Now she has a bulging tummy and really needs dresses that hide this body flaw. 
The question is: how should she choose a pattern that will fit her body? And not only fit but also hide her flaws.  Do you have the same problems? There are rules for dressing that minimizing a person’s flaws. With the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years as an etiquette and image consultant, I can help you select styles that will play up your assets and minimize your flaws.
Go after a perfect wardrobe with our online Style Well Packaged For Success course today for just ₦6750 ₦45000 %85 off. Five days left at this price. Schedule a wardrobe consultation now to get started. Contact, 08170768650.
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“Dress pitifully, and they recollect the dress; dress perfectly, and they recall the lady,” Coco Chanel said.
Some weeks back I was in a program when one of the speakers made eyes pop when she stepped out on the podium for her speech wearing a very revealing mid-thigh dress. She was a medium height woman, not too much flesh and she was in heels. So, technically, she was unable to get away with her appearance looking scandalous. Two ladies sitting next to me argued about her looks. One said, “See, what she’s wearing. What is she going to talk to me about class?” the other lady empathized with the speaker, “Awww… don’t say that. I think it’s her big bum that pushed up the gown drastically to the middle of her thighs.” If I’m to judge the situation of this speaker, her appearance detracted from her image and what she has to offer.
She could have created less attention on the mid-thigh dress by playing it down with kitten heel shoes if at all she has to wear the mid-thigh dress and heels by…

How Rich Is Your Appearance?

Hi gorgeous woman! Me? Yes, you! I hope your clothes for the week are well selected, classy and sophisticated?
I, on the other hand, I’m totally worn-out with women who go out shopping for food items, looking like a regular person with low standards of cleanliness. When you ask these women why they are poorly dressed, they tell you, “Is it not just to buy something from the market and go back home?” or they say, “Who is looking at me?” These sorts of women do their errands or pick up their kids from school, looking like women with no morals, with all their ‘clothes’, bare as well as wear clothes with holes in them or with stain and their hair messy.
What’s the challenge? Don’t these women give a hoot about what they wear or how they look like even to themselves? Are they lazy? Or do they simply lack money? I don’t buy such excuses! Money doesn’t help you to class up your look.  
Rich or middle class, women should take more care of their appearance and dress up more often. There is nothi…