Your Weekly Faith Declaration for Businesses | What to Do In Your Business If You Want God To Be Active In It

Recently, I heard about a man who lost the business that took him twenty million naira to set up to a single erroneous connection and is now frantically praying for his business to be restored. As a result, he can no longer afford even one square meal. Now, if you're like others who started their businesses from scratch, you'll understand all the hardships this man must have gone through to establish his enterprise.

To make the All-Powerful God active in your business, avoid the mistake of doing it without His help. Avoid the error of calling Him only when your business has gone into complete disarray. Ask Him to lead you in all that you do, right from the inception of your business.

Don't make God a distant partner in your business.

Don't remove Him from your business endeavours, and He will reveal to you any danger that might be posed to it or give you the fortitude to conquer any obstacles that may arise without your company going out of business during trying times.

Get God involved early in the decisions you make in your business, the business connections you make, and the goals you strive to achieve in it.

Invite Him to work and walk with you so that He can be completely active in your business. So He can help you settle well into your professional destiny without satanic obstructions consuming you.

Like Elijah, declare the following:

I declare that I will see the wonders of God’s power in my business.

I'll experience God's involvement in the entity of my business and my life.

As I welcome His presence in every one of my business dealings, no power will stop me.

I will never live out the plans of my enemies for my life and business.

God walks with me in my business and goes before me. Therefore, I declare I will become what God intends me to become in my professional destiny. This is my declaration in Jesus' name.⁣

This week, I wish you favour and mercy in your business and personal life. 💗⁣⁣

Warmly, ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Damilola Ogunremi,⁣⁣⁣⁣

Your friend and Coach.⁣⁣⁣

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