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Children's Etiquette Program


Drs Etiquette Children Program is a package full of benefits cutting across ten topics on good manners. Tell a child of good manner and he will forget. Teach him good manners and he will remember. Involve your child in this program and he or she will learn lifetime manners that will enable him or her to effectively handle social and life situations with grace and ease.

This class is free, but the space is limited. Reserve your child's attendance now. Click flyer for more info. Don't let this opportunity pass your child by....

Offering the Little that Matters in Business

Offering the little that matters in the world of business is priceless. These minor offerings often time turn a dissatisfied customer into a lifelong customer. Instead of proposing solution to an angry customer who is not pleased with a package he has purchased from your company, ask what he would like you to do? “What would you like me to do?” is a question that often stops angry customer dead in their path. Because what they are expecting are excuses which are common with some customer service persons and business owners. Asking how customer would like you to resolve their condition make you appear as though you’ve offer them diamond when all they ask is steel.
I’ll tell you a story from an ordinary man in an ordinary market. In my early days of coaching, I moved in with a colleague to make going to my training centers easier for me. One day I was at the market, after buying some food articles, I approached a man who grinds pepper for a living. He rinsed my pepper just once and he w…