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How to get rid of the ever-present offensive “You”

Can words make or break your relationship and image?
The answer is an unambiguous “Yes.”
Try to look back to the last conversation you had with a staff or loved one where both of you started a conversation peaceably but ended up having problem, conflict or angry conversation and, both became extremely emotional and couldn’t resolve what seemed to be the sudden problem.
What triggered the extreme emotion?
You may say it was a difference of opinion over the subject you discussed, and that is in part true. On the other hand from experience and study, my position on this is that even though you both differed in your opinions on the subject, it was not the difference that heightened the conversation to an emotional neck or decreased it. Rather, it was words that were used more either by one of you or both of you as you each put forward argument or contradicting argument. 
I would bet that the word being thrown around mostly more than any other words and the one that nudged the conversation int…