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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

BETC – 920 International Business Training Course

In today’s competitive international business arena there is a huge demand for corporate individuals who are sophisticated and educated to possess the understanding of foreign cultures, international protocol, etiquette and communication skills that represent the essential credentials for government officials and corporate executives to communicate effectively in the public life.
Our two day International Business Training Course has been specially designed to hone your employees’ political, business, professional and social communication skills.

Let us help prepare your employees to apply standard international protocol guidelines when dealing with international and regional players,
- To polish their professional communication style,
- To enhance their diplomatic use of language,
- To refine their personal appearance and perfect professional image,
- To increase self-confidence in public relations, and
- To intensify their ability to work in a multicultural environment.

Who else can book for this training? All kinds of people doing business overseas and hosting guest from another country.

For any further information please feel free to contact us at We look forward to working with you soon.
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The Role You Never Considered

At DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting, it is our fervent belief that proper etiquette and good manners should be learned in childhood, or at the very latest, early adulthood. As a consequence, we find it disheartening to see poor etiquette and manners every day in our society. If we make such a big deal creating civility in our homes, we will create a civil society with time.

This is a role you may never have considered. But as a parent, you are in a unique position to teach your child good manners even if you pay for etiquette training in their schools. With the handout provided at your child’s etiquette class, be willing to reinforce at home what he or she learns. Always be interested in working with your child to teach him or her proper etiquette and being a good example.

Additionally, your child shouldn’t spend far more time surfing the Internet or watching TV than he or she do practicing polite behaviors. 
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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Can we break and make our relationship?

Can we break and make our relationship?

The answer is unambiguous YES. Try to think back to the last conflicting or angry issue you had with a loved one, where both of you became quite emotional and the other person had to hurt you with something you had told them about yourself, family or friends.

What sort of feeling did this act bring? I will wager that you were deeply hurt. And even though you forgave them, you haven’t been able to forget.  My contention on this kind of behavior is that it holds the key to building a superficial relationship.

As lovers or friends, we will sometimes have a misunderstanding and there might be abusive or, swear words thrown around. However, this should never be an outlet to take advantage of the trust given to us to hurt the other person. 

Keep your relationship solid. Stay significant.

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The Couth Kids Manners Checklist

You need to deal with this situation so, that your children don’t grow up interacting with adults and peers using a very casual attitude. Ensure they don’t avoid the need to use a mannerly approach to communicate. Help them to develop a sense of respect for others, and collaboration with, authority.

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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Who Is Recommending You?

Imagine that you're promised a really significant promotional recommendation, which could fundamentally change your financial life, or could determine the future of your business success.

Or maybe those uncles, friends, and aunties of yours who has the right connection already promised you a meaningful connection which could “advance” your product existing sales and give your services a positive push.
If you’re like those who had been down this road before and didn’t consider the pitfall, I imagine you will be re-energized and re-engaged in your business so much so that you will simply concentrate all efforts and resources in the promise to be given a promotional recommendation.

Read the following scenario:
Chukwubuikem has a new business that focused on helping corporate clients manage their finances. He wanted the business to grow to a reasonable size over the next five years. With this in mind, when a brother contacted him a year ago to prepare a proposal for his company, he decided to put all his efforts into this recommendation. After a year, through an email this brother mistakenly sent to him, he found out that he hasn’t been handling his case positively in all of his exchanges with people that be in his company.

A lot of time those who claim to recommend us are more of opposition to the recommendation they create.  Hence my piece of advice in this post: knowing who is recommending you helps you bring anything that could go wrong into the open and gives you a rational and professional structure for exploring promotional recommendation.

I urge you to be careful, and not put all your eggs in one basket by investing all your effort in a promise to get recommended. Have strong instincts. While waiting for that promotional recommendation, spread your focus. Happy Creating More Success.
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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Can't You Thank Me?

Do you know that feeling people express when they get something? The warm, gracious thank you receives when you go out of your way to gift a nice thing? Of course, you do. It is called gratitude. Well, that wasn’t the feel-good factor I got when I gave a young woman gift that cost me a few thousand bucks a few weeks ago. The mother of the young girl said to her daughter in my presence, “Did I give you permission you could take a gift from her?” While she might have been joking although, I doubt she was joking, because she didn’t say thank you afterward.  This is bad behavior and unnecessary self-importance.

If at all she’s going to scold the child later for collecting the gift, what should have come out of her mouth as a mother is, “have you said thank you?”

When someone gives your child a gift whoever they are, don’t let pride consume your thinking at that point in time. Rather, prompt your child him or her to say “thank you.” If possible to take the “thank you” beyond, let your child state what they appreciate about the gift as a way for the giver to feel appreciated.

Gratitude is a powerful and almost universal phenomenon. It’s a must and teaching our young people such a good manner will give them weight enough to get much positive attention in any kind of atmosphere.

Don’t let your lapses in courtesy show up in your children. Be a good imitation. Being a Couth Mum is Simply Intelligence Making SMART Part of your Children’s Lives. Be Courteous!!

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels
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Monday, 11 March 2019

Remove MIT from Your English Speaking

Do you know that every language has words which are pronounced in a certain manner and the pronunciation of words in any language is totally based on the phonetics or the sounds? Some Nigerians native language dominates the way they speak English because they use it as a base to pronounce English words. That’s how some of us end up sounding like we’re speaking our native language while trying to speak English.

How do we get rid of Mother Tongue Influence? There is only one way out. We need to unlearn everything that we have learned so far, the way we have been pronouncing English words, and start afresh. We need to learn the neutral way of saying English words. It’s a difficult thing to do however, it's doable.

DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting Approach to Solving MIT
Our method involves clear features created for speech enhancement, intense practice of English phonetics, an easy concept for practical analyses of speech sounds designed to achieve effective communicative skills.

Continuous repeated practice breaks old set speech patterns and builds new sound and speech patterns and trains the brain in the flexibility required to handle two parallel sound and speech systems. Speak English fluently in 3 months.

Schedule of Classes and Registration
All group classes are held at the Little Lords and Ladies School. 1A Modupe Ore Close, Cassette B-stop, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos.

All individual coaching is offered by WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.

Start from today to build your fluency.100% Success guaranteed. Check our pronunciation clips on our page. Request a Complimentary Consultation about Speaking Classes. Call: 08170768650

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What's Your Color?

The Primary concern about applying makeup is color. How do you know what colors are best for you? Let’s have a chat and help you out.
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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Be Careful How You Disclose Your Plans

Hey 💗! 

Always try to keep things that you want to do from prying ears that have negative energy. Have you ever spoken to someone who was enthusiastic about your plans and then you noticed, there was somebody around them who probably didn’t show interest in what you were saying and after sometime when you expect positive feedback from your previous encounter or conversation, things turned sour? What did you think happened?

You must always be wary of anything or anyone that has the potential to create negative vibes around your endeavors.  You may be lucky you have friends/acquaintances or, colleagues that have strong character. Unfortunately, in the world we are today where most bonds have become shallow, you need to be timely with the way you bombard the aforementioned group with your good plans. Don’t make yourself a victim of envy.

A writer once advised that you should avoid things that can attract avoidable envy from the people around you. The only people who need to know about your plans are those who will help you to make it happen. Be wise. 
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Friday, 8 March 2019

Getting Paid for Your Services

As a small business owner, do you work for some clients and when it’s time to get paid for the job completed drama ensues? You’re not alone. It’s pretty much inevitable that a few of us will not encounter clients like this. If you’re a coach and a consultant like me, who work in a variety of business settings as well as schools, developing a standard contract will help you stand out positively.

In the past, I’ve met coaches who seemed to be doing better than me in business by the number of schools they handle. Sadly, these coaches always approach me, with money needs. When I ask them what the challenge is, they tell me they merely have chains of schools but, are not being paid for the services they render.

In my experience, the above-mentioned coaches encountered school owners who don’t have education in focus. Those school owners who go into the “business” only for the money. Quality investment in the lives of their pupils is secondary to them. They seek for mediocre and mostly inexperienced wannabe coaches who collect meager payment from them. Most times, breeding children who are not well-rounded. Unknown to these sorts of school owners, this continuous process eventually tarnishes their school image and affect their financial bottom-line negatively. Don’t allow these sorts of school owners treat you badly like they treat the average coaches by your way of contracting poorly.

Professional coaches or service provider should never rush into a job because of their immediate financial situation. When approaching a job or when a client contacts you with an interest in training have a contract in place. After meeting with the client and reaching an agreement to commence work/training, develop a standard contract which outlines the services you are providing, when you will provide it, the fees that the company/school (or individual) has agreed to pay and when and how they are paying it. Have the contract sent to the client for their signature. Make sure that the contract is between you and the owner of the business and not an individual put in charge. So, someone doesn’t tell you a story that touches, like I was once told.

No matter how a client rushes you, never commence work until a contract is signed. While your business might not be profit-making yet, it will help to make an attorney your friend so, he or she can ensure all the legal aspect of your contract is appropriately handled when a client wants to be funny. Don’t limit your small business, inspire success in it. If you need help writing your contract, you can adapt mine. Simply hit the comment button below.

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Monday, 4 March 2019

The Couth Kids Manners Checklist

*Do you help set the table before the meal is served?
*Do you wash your hands before a meal?
*Do you stay seated during a meal?
*Do you eat quietly?
*Do you say “thank you” to dad and mum after a meal?
*Do you clear the table after a meal?
*Do you help with the dishes after a meal?

If your answer is yes then, good job! Keep building the refined part of your life.

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Don't Suck At Drinking

How many of you suck on Coca-cola bottles and the rest? Don’t tell lies o! I can hear your thoughts. My own finger is up! When our excessively hot weather and the tropical sun has dealt with me, sucking up soft drinks from the bottle is the only way I get to enjoy the chillness of a Coca-cola or Fanta gurgling in my throat and refreshing my body. But, does that make it okay? No! This practice looks backward and can detract from our image. If you have this habit, I implore, manage it. I’m handling mine. ☺ Taking drinks from a bottle requires prompting yourself to drink slowly. Instead of thrusting your tongue forward against the bottle, and sucking in the drink, take it, drop by drop into your mouth. It’s that simple!  I wish you a fruitful week.
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Day Summer Camp 2019

We are thinking of equipping your children with etiquette set of skills that will enable them to live life with confidence, are you? In a few months, time summer will be here. Any thoughts on keeping the children busy during the summer break? Send them to our Couth Day Summer Camp in July.

Our hands-on training and etiquette workshops will help them possess a higher degree of refinement, sense of responsibility, modesty, self-consciousness and leadership values.  

We offer the most comprehensive etiquette lessons available to children 5 to 18 and our lessons are taught by a certified etiquette consultant Damilola Ogunremi to instruct your children on proper etiquette. 

At our Couth Summer Camp, children learn proper manners to navigate modern-day circumstances with poise and confidence.  We strive for excellence and students graduate from our summer camp more couth, confident, skilled, and prepared for any social experience.  

Our environment is relaxed and interactive using activities roll play and lots of fun.  Enrolling your child for our summer camp will help them master manners early and send them to their future more prepared, socially savvy, couth, confident, considerate and ready for success.

Camp Descriptions: This summer camp provides a place for your children to learn the foundation of manners in fun memorable ways. They learn critical socialization skills like introductions, meeting and greeting, eye contact and remembering names.  In addition, learning effective listening and communication skills is so important for tweens and teens to develop into respected young adults.  Your children will learn the art of small talk, giving and receiving feedback, conversation skills, building healthy emotional self-perception, self-control, self-esteem, initiative, optimism, self-sufficiency and the do's and dont's of social media, email, technology, and cell phones.  Lastly, understanding the rules of etiquette and knowing proper dining skills completes the well rounded, couth, poised and confident young person.  Your children will learn all this plus so much more during their five days of Couth Summer Camp. 

Dates, Times, and Cost: July 22nd, 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m daily. Daily campers are required to make full payment upon registration to secure booking. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Early Registration Fee - ₦31, 500.00. After May 31st - ₦35, 500.00.

Location of Day Summer Camp: 5, Adenuga Street, Bakery Bus Stop, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos.

For more info and to register please call Damilola:  08170768650 or 0803732952.
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Friday, 1 March 2019

International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to chat with you! FOR A LIMITED TIME. . . . 30 MINUTE FREE CONSULTATION. JUST YOU AND ME.
 In which areas do you feel you need the advice to create balance for better in your world? To book a session with me, send me all that apply from the list below. Maximum of three concerns. “8 SLOTS AVAILABLE!!!” To book a session, email your selected list to

*Updating personal, professional image or both
*Greater confidence for public speaking satisfaction
*Personal and professional ambitions
*“We need to talk:” Managing difficult conversations with your partner
*Managing advice
*Praising your children holistically
*Managing day-to-day conversation with your children  
*Engaging in critical discussion with your learning teens
*Putting together a whole wardrobe
*Speaking in business situations
*Other (please specify)

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For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids

For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids
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