For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids | When the Spanking Fails 

Spanking a child is beneficial in part because it gives parents satisfaction that their child won't repeat the disruptive behaviour for which he has been punished. Although spanking a youngster can temporarily improve your mood, it is not always successful. Fortunately, there are some valuable tips that can help you appropriately punish a youngster.

When the spanking method of discipline is failing and you are unsure how to handle the children's naughty behaviour, get away from physical punishment and establish rules to express the kind of behaviour you expect from the children.

💫Set the ground rules and explain to the children what happens if they break them.

💫Keep eye contact with the children as you explain the rules to make sure they pay attention.

💫To make sure they actually paid attention to you, ask them to repeat the rules you just gave them.

💫No matter how many times the children stray, use the rules and the penalty for breaching any of the rules to get them back in line. 

💫Take your time. Consistency is key. Apply love.

💫When the children behave well, give them lots of encouraging feedback.

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