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The Etiquette & Rules of a Good Friendship

“Having a friend and being an upright friend who is remarkable is what makes the memories of friendship significant.” – Darmie Ogph

I lost my first female perfect best friend from moving around the world with my family. The sudden departure broke my heart and brought me to my knees. Now more than sixteen years after we had lost contact, I am openly speaking of my painful experience with others and sharing how I had missed a very good friend.
Recently at a youth seminar organized around friendship I was asked what was one of the great lessons I learned from losing my friend Funke, and I knew what my answer was without reluctance: it is the importance of having a fulfilled expanded life.
Friendship etiquette is something that helps you smooth the wheels of daily growth within your friendships. Friendship etiquette is essential for good friendships outcomes to getting along with people you didn't grow up together in the same household and having a happy living. Friendship etiquette gua…