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Quickly brush up your diction, and advance your English speaking proficiency.

How many times do you not speak English confidently because you are unsure if you will be mispronouncing a word?

Does your pronunciation of similar words (such as thought and taught, order and other) confuse others? Do certain phrases, idiomatic expressions and other concepts puzzle you?

Does your being unable to speak clear English hurting your career and relationships?

You need speech coaching!

Thankfully, our PHONATERITE ENGLISH ACADEMY focused on pronunciation and spoken English will proffer you rewarding results.

Who is our Phonics and Speech Training for?

Our executive phonics and speech consulting, coaching, and training are tailored for corporate leadership and cover strategic presentations, leadership communication skills required for high-stakes public speaking events such as keynotes, roadshows, major sales presentations, interviews, board presentations, shareholders’ meetings and sermons. It focuses on all aspects of helping the client to develop their clarity, tone, neutralizes or modify mother tongue interference, shape articulation, command and vocal confidence.

Requirements for our classes

-      A basic understanding of English vocabulary and grammar.

-      The ability to understand some spoken English without help (or subtitles).

What you will receive when you train with us:

-      A speech assessment

-      A customized program to fit your needs which includes:

-    Learning key English consonants and vowel sounds, examples of the sounds in common English words and phrases

-   Imitation of stress and intonation, the practice of minimal pairs, Linking sounds, and the difference between British and American Spoken English

-    Learning phonetic transcription to better your pronunciation, training of your tongue, mouth and lips

-      Pronunciation drills that radically increase comprehension and spontaneity

-      Recording your voice for analysis

-     Daily pronunciation exercises to make the most of your training and effectiveness

-      A 2-month follow-up plan to maximize your success.


All our training classes involve a combination of delivery methods: in-person, recorded and online-based training and these courses are available as half-day intensive training, full-day intensive training, 1-month intensive training, 6 months of intensive training, and a year schedule for a long-term film project.

Start training your speech already with our complimentary training videos below.

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Phonics Featured Services for Schools

Academic Year Schedule Phonics Training for Nursery and Primary School – To improve your pupils’ ability to spell correctly, read at the appropriate grade level, enunciates effectively and develop good speech pattern, our academic year phonics training have models that teach phonics lessons at each grade level per week over an academic year with a focus on:

-     Helping the pupils to illustrate the alphabetical sound with objects, which will enable them to grasp an effective understanding and articulation of sounds and objects, thereby, improving their pronunciation capabilities.

-      An introduction to elementary transcriptions and correct pronunciations will make it easier for the pupils to face the task ahead in standard transcriptions as they progress to higher classes. Oral drill and sounds identification will aid the pupils’ ability to correct spellings, reading, pronunciation and good speech.

-      A complex dimension at the consonant clusters level.

-   An introduction of the proper orientation of words as they are used in the dictionary for pronunciation, at a minimal level.

-      An introduction of Monophthongs and some simple Consonants.

-      A more challenging task in the area of Monophthong, recognizing symbols, complex consonants and sounds exercise to aid the pupils to learn to write words with phonetic sounds e.g. church /ʧƷ:ʧ / and project standard diction.

Higher Advanced Oral English Training for Secondary School – In these classes, in accordance with the scheme of work, all the 49 speech sounds in the English Language are going to be substantially treated, including areas like Stress, Syllable, Rhyme and Intonation. The problems encountered by students in the areas of interferences between Standard English, Nigerian English and Mother Tongue are corrected so that the acceptable Standard Speech is achieved.


Weekly Elocution and Reading Club for Schools – This club enhances children's communication skills. In this exclusive club, the emphasis lies on improving pupils’ overall verbal communication skills through developing listening, speaking and reading abilities. This club involves different fun-based activities, a shared reading session, role-playing, and practical analysis of speech sounds to improve oral speech, diction, articulation, confidence and enhance word power.


Whole-School One Package Phonics Training with development days (suitable for schools with low pupils’ turnover).

Teaching Staff Phonics Training with benefit from the support offered through our Development Days. A trainer visits your school to check your reading groups, discuss assessment and tracking, and provide feedback and next steps for future Development Days.

One-to-One Letter Sounds Learning for kids in transition stages (3 months & 2days training duration).

School Phonics Workshop for Kids and Teens (2 months training duration including Development Days bundle package).

School with low Pupils Phonics Workshop for Kids and Teens (2 months training duration including Development Days bundle package)

Basic Phonics Tutoring for Adults - (2 months training duration).

Advanced Phonics Tutoring for Adults – (3 months training duration).


Parents Phonics Training – Extend your children’s classroom learning effectively by enhancing your diction and learning how to use phonics to spell basic 2 and 3-letter words to teach your young how to spell, read effectively and speak fluently. No complex phonic rules. This class is suitable for parents who know basic phonics sounds, and those without prior knowledge.

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