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How to Build Children’s Self-Confidence When They Speak in Front of Others

Over ninety minutes of virtual classroom program designed for mothers to help their children build their self-confidence when they speak in front of others.
This web-based program for mothers will cover: Strategies and Tips to make Children’s First Speaking Experiences Successful What Is Self-Esteem? How to Raise Children’s Self-Esteem Several Activities to Improve Children’s Self-Confidence Review Quiz
Program Objectives:  After completing this program, mothers will understand: The importance of self-esteem in the lives of their children Which factors tend to create high self-esteem Which factors tend to create low self-esteem How to build their children self-esteem How to help their children share their ideas and the things they care about passionately with others
Our Virtual Classroom Training Course Important Notice Our virtual classroom training courses are available for one-on-one training and groups. Please contact us to speak with us about your needs and whether web-based training is not a…

Ok, Monday, Let's Makeup!

It’s Monday and here is a little makeup tip for you to shine! While makeup can enhance your self-presentation and help you to make a positive impression on others it can also determine failure if it’s not properly applied. So, what’s a good makeup to apply for the workplace? There are lots of opinions on this but, if you ask me, I suggest you wear minimal makeup for the workplace, the everyday kind of elegant makeup that enhances your looks. A makeup based on a neutral palette, soft lipstick, and soft eye makeup will help you to achieve this simple yet, polished and classic look. I wish you all a good start to the new week. Happy creating more success.

Set boundaries for neighbors

When living in a house, you should expect your neighbors to be concerned for your peace just as you are concerned for theirs. If your neighbors’ behavior disturbs or affects your peace, ask them politely to stop. Your approach here is tremendously important because you don’t want to be seen as a person who is difficult, cold or lack good-neighborly relations.
For example in the house where I live, we have neighbors who leave their flats to come and sit at the back of our living room window to gist talking on top of their voices, playing music and laughing so loud! One practically leaves her flat to come and do her plates/clothes washing at the back of our bedroom window any time of the day. Our next-door neighbor, if he sleeps late you are in trouble. If he wakes up in the dead of the night it is goodbye to your sleep for that night, because he plays loud music regardless of how odd the time is.
I find it weird that someone should leave their ‘flat’ to be washing plates outside. But, I’…

The Word of the Week

This week we will practice how to pronounce prayer accurately.  Do you know how to pronounce this word eloquently? Share with us in the comments and I will confirm the knowledge with the speaktip video before the week runs out.  

Are You Priming?

Parenting is knowledge, priming, applying, growing, sacrificing, making mistakes and learning from it. Helping your children to prepare their actions every day will foster happier parenting for you.
As a gracious mum you should not take each day as it comes, but plan it as you have the grace. Each day should be about how you want your children to behave at home, with others in the public and at school. I remember in my days, every day before leaving home for school, they tell us some things that will prepare us for some situations. And because they do this, instead of carrying stone and breaking a child’s head when an awful situation occurs, we behave the right way.
Have an expectation put in place for your children’s behavior daily and how you want them and you to feel as a result of following your instructions. Create a positive reward system that will keep influencing their positive behavior. Make use of these four things every day of your parenting life: love, time, sacrifice and res…



Your Positive Messages For Val

Valentine Day is just around the corner! Appreciate your loved ones. Come up with a message that shows you care. A simple and quick way to spread your love is to grab your phone or note and write a positive statement on them. Then attach the note anywhere in the office, in the car rear-view mirror, on the fridge door or the headboard of your bed just where it can be easily spotted. Here are a few phrases to get you started with a sweet message:
*Walking down the memory lane and looking at where we stand today, I know that our love will always grow with renewed strength.
*Meeting you has been an awesome experience, keep making a habit of loving me.
*I give you this gift: all of my heart. It will always be yours.
*I’m glad you agreed to be the reason I smile today.
*A meeting can change an entire life for good or bad. Yours influenced my life positively. You are the reason I am who I am today. Our friendship is cherished today and always.
*In case you forget in the flood of work activity, I …

How Are You Flaunting the Big Body?

Often times I see women with a big body and very tight clothes that give them awful shaping, splitting their body into different parts. You can even see clearly that they are struggling to breathe. This is the wrong choice of style. I understand you want to flaunt your curves in all the right places. You can achieve this without wearing very tight clothes that hug your body and make you an awful showstopper.
In order to dress and look your best, consider favoring fitting but not necessary tight skirts over very tight skirts. This sort of skirts fits perfectly without altering your body shape. A playdown bra will be good for packing your breasts into a small size if you also have big boobs. Stay clear off blouses that give detail around your belly area. Flattering but, loose-fitting blouses that will slightly conceal your fat body is a good choice.
I am uniquely positioned to help you optimize your personal appearance. For personal style advice, hit the comment button and let’s get you s…

Leaving the Cultured Manners for Outdoors & the Unhealthy Manners for Indoors?

Certain people consider etiquette to be something they reserve for use only at an exclusive gathering. Even some among my so-called educated and exposed friends and acquaintances alike, I see startling conducts. When I teach these people how to stop their bad habits and constantly prompt them to use acceptable behavior they tell me, “Damilola, I don’t have time for this your polish life.”Or, they say, “Go away with this your etiquette wahala.” But, when they attend fancy parties, they put up cultured manners leaving the unhealthy manners for indoors.
Their intentional indulgence in upsetting behavior makes me wonder where they are coming from. I ask myself this question, do you have to be schooled in an actual school before you have basic polish? My grandma late Mrs. Mopelola Ogunremi, wasn’t English schooled but, she gave me the foundation I have in etiquette today and equipped me with good values in life.
Bad manners small as they may seem, can be very damaging if you don’t make atte…

Beyond Slimming Down

Hey you, the beautiful woman, with the quest for healthy, striking and best appearance. Yes, you! Have you ever wondered why some women like me have a face of 16 years old and the body of 18 years old in the late ’30s? Top of the techniques we have that help us to maintain our great physique is exercise. Beyond slimming down, exercises help to clear acne, cut down piles and give you a younger look.  As I’ve said on this page before, a poor appearance can be painful. So, you can’t afford to take the business of looking great for granted. For clearer skin and youthful look, follow these steps:
1. Have a more restful sleep.
2. Eat cruciferous veggies to help you age better, both inside and out.
3. Every evening or Saturdays, schedule 20 minutes to an hour for exercise. One of my favorite exercises that help put my lean figure in perfect shape and gives me that faultless youthful look, is walking every day.
4. Drink enough water daily before 6pm.
No doubt, you find these tips very simple. Well…