Five Manners to Foster Polite Behaviour

 Just as wearing the right clothes is necessary for appearing presentable, knowledge of etiquette is necessary for behaving appropriately in social, professional, and everyday situations.

Here are five manners that you can incorporate into your etiquette repertoire. Include them in your way of life. Being polite and refined gives you influence!


👉When speaking with others, be sure to maintain eye contact and avoid averting your gaze or looking at your fingers, toes, or a hangnail in order to project confidence.


👉Clean up after yourself, regardless of your gender, financial status, or whether a domestic worker is present in your home. It sets a positive example for your children.


👉Be respectful of people your own age, both those who are younger than you and those who are older than you.


👉Don't talk over other individuals when they are talking. Wait until it's your turn to talk. If what you want to say is urgent and needs to be expressed immediately, say, "Excuse me, it's urgent and important."


👉Use appropriate table manners, whether you are dining out, at home, or in a formal setting. Chew with your mouth closed. Do not gulp drinks from glasses or bottles, make noise with your mouth while eating, or clatter cutlery on the plate.

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Damilola Ogunremi,

Etiquette and Image Consultant

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