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Basic Email - Etiquette Guide

Description: As we are now in the era of fast digital communication it is not uncommon for businesspeople to make embarrassing mistakes that detract from their professional image when sending messages. Our basic email writing etiquette guide helps you to use email appropriately in the business world when sending messages to customers, colleagues, bosses, or potential employers.

Cost: ₦1,200.00.

This product is for an EMAIL DOWNLOAD DIGITAL FILE that you print yourself. Simply print and keep our guide handy for future reference.

Once payment has cleared, you will receive your files immediately.

All materials are the property of DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting and are strictly for personal use only. No reproductions. You do not have permission to redistribute our files or documents for commercial use. Sharing our files with a third party is prohibited.

All our PDF files sales are final and no refunds will be given once they have been emailed.

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1. Good manners put people at ease. People at ease are more likely to agree to your requests.

2. Good manners impress people. People who are impressed by your behavior are more likely to treat you with respect.

3. Good manners build self-esteem. People with self-esteem are more likely to get what they want out of life.

4. Good manners are attractive. People with the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations * are more likely to have the friends and relationships they want.

5. Good manners allow people to live and work together without unnecessary friction. This makes your everyday world more pleasant.

6. Good manners can save your life. People who know what to do if they accidentally offend the wrong person are less likely to be beaten up.

7. Good manners are rare. People who have them sparkle like diamonds and immediately get an elevated status in their workplace.

8. Good manners make you feel good. You can hold your head high, knowing that you’re doing your part to stop humanity’s slide into the cesspool of incivility.

9. Good manners make others feel good. You can help to create a world in which people treat one another with care, respect, and compassion.

10. Good manners don’t cost anything. You can have the BEST for free...


True Stories From The DRS Manners Counter

Q: “The other day, I walked into the toilet in my school and a student from my class was touching a girl from primary two. When I asked him where he had learned to touch a woman, he said he was going to look for his pencil one day in his parents' bedroom when he saw them making love. Since then he peeps from the door hole to watch them do it. I don't know what to do.”
A: It can be quite strange for kids to witness parents' lovemaking. Fortunately, the rule of etiquette in cases like this is simple: parents should let their children know what they shouldn't see or do around the house. For example, they should know that it's rude to peep or barge in on other people or enter a room without knocking. It can be embarrassing for the parents of this boy if you tell the head of school. I would suggest you notify the mother of the boy of what has happened and give her this advice…
Hi everyone, I would love to hear from. What else should this teacher do? Please comment below. You can also email me your manners matter for capture.

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Live Purposefully


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How to Leverage Your Skills for Professional Advantage

I teach professionals at every level in their careers-from new graduates to CEOs to leverage their skills for professional advantage. Let me teach you how...

Respond to Bad Manners with Good Manners

When dealing with people who lack good manners, interact only when necessary with them, and in a very reserved demeanor...

Be Aware of Damaging Antics




Let Positive Language Become Your Habit


Living Purposefully


Seeking Worthy Goals


Hire Damilola For Your Next Event

Damilola captures the attention of her audience through indispensable advice and her personal experience creates real impact in her training. She is an asset to any organization. Get the best of her speaking and consulting services for your next event and workshop. Email drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com or WhatsApp πŸ“±08170768650 for booking information.

Train With Us

In today’s unstable business environment that is continuously competitive, providing ongoing employee training and development could be critical to the future success of your organization. 

Our premium corporate training builds a strong foundation of team competence, makes each individual staff expert in his field, coordinated in their actions, enhancing efficiency, production, and increasing profit margins through business etiquette acumen. Train with us today and create more success. To request information about our corporate training email us at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com or Whatsapp πŸ“±08170768650.

Nigerian Adults Civility Wakefulness

Our everyday experiences today tell us that Nigerian adults are exhibiting less civility toward one another. Unfortunately, children learn by example, they do watch, listen and model what their elders do. I recommend that adults start modeling civility in all areas of their lives if they must send their children off on the lifelong pursuit of their personal best.

Few sacrifices are more important in helping our young people increase their own better self, confidence, and sense of self-worth.

Our Nigerian Adults Civility Wakefulness Class teachings are so invaluable. This class outlines time-proven guidelines for etiquette and behavior at home; in social settings and offer suggestions on how your children can improve the way they present themselves to elders, at home and in all situations they encounter. Its objective is to aid parents in developing good character by giving them the knowledge of the right way to show respect, thoughtfulness, and kindness in social situations and pass it on to their children. What you will learn will add to your ability to build a cultured home day in and day out. With practice, gradually, it really will become second nature to you.

The skills you will learn in our classes will not only benefit you and your children now but throughout their lives. Very simply, what you will learn will give you the tools for happier parenting, better you. And that makes you and what you are about to learn precious! Email at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com or πŸ“±WhatsApp 08170768650 to get started.

When You Are Finished

It’s not uncommon here to see people want to pick up the tab for their host. In the business, settings avoid offering or arguing about the bill. Simply say “thank you” and you can return the favor if the host is not your boss. 

Telephone Etiquette and Tips

The first voice heard by a caller is an image of an organization and since first impressions are lasting, it is extremely important for every organization in today's business environment to present a professional image over the phone, providing crucial etiquette that sets apart well- trained, and professional customer service team in a reputable organization. Let us take your front office receptionist, executive secretary or customer service representatives from the basics of courteous phone operating skills to exceptional etiquette that creates customers for life. Our series of course in Telephone Skills Training will help your employees provide successful e-customer service over the phone. Email drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com or WhatsApp πŸ“±08170768650 for more information.


Personal Cleanliness

Keeping a high standard of hygiene is not just essential, it significantly minimizes the risk of your system being contaminated. Certain jewelry, if worn during cooking, can harbor dirt and bacteria, and can contaminate your food. To be on a safe side, keep jewelry away when cooking and wash hands upon entering the kitchen. Learn more about safe practices with us in your daily lifestyle.

Absolute Poise and Posture

Learning to sit the right way is not just fun. It sends others the message that you are a considerate person who cares about his or her personal dignity. It also protects your spine by not placing unnecessary stress on it. Start improving your poise and posture today! Email at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com or πŸ“±WhatsApp 08170768650 for info on our Absolute Poise and Posture Classes.

Hosting Etiquette Tip

When hosting a group outside your home or event center, and you are not the one catering to the menu, pick a restaurant with a wide range of foods so that everyone present finds something to their taste. Our course on entertaining and dining etiquette training will show you how to act appropriately at formal and informal meals, and be happy host/hostess. Email at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com or WhatsApp πŸ“±08170768650 to learn more information.

Engagement & Wedding Etiquette Class Lagos

Once you've got that engagement ring on your finger you will be eager to show it off to your friends. But traditional etiquette maintains that your parents and your children, if you have any should find out first, and you must never show off your engagement ring before the marriage proposal has really been made. Let us provide you with all you need to know to plan your wedding from the moment you become engaged to the moment you and your beloved wave farewell to your guests after the reception and beyond! Email at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com or WhatsApp πŸ“±08170768650 for more info on our engagement and wedding etiquette classes.

The power of consistency in business....

The power of consistency in business.


Invest In Your Interview

Are you a professional who wants to change job or a university graduate looking for a job then, you must invest in your interview? In today's competitive marketplace, the impression you make and how you conduct yourself can make the difference between a rejection or an offer. Our Top Notch Interview Skills workshop focuses on image, proper attire, introductions, use of eye contact, shaking hands, appropriate language, dining etiquette for a lunch interview, developing your one-minute elevator speech, and properly thank you correspondence. Start improving your job employment prospects today! Email at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com for more info or WhatsApp πŸ“±08170768650

Etiquette Tip


Dining Etiquette Tip


Etiquette Business Tip

When meeting a client for lunch, you should wait for him, in the lobby or foyer.


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