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Making a Sparkling Connection in Business

Do you know that your potential clients are evaluating your ability to connect with others? In the business world, you meet new people all the time, for many reasons and in many situations. Being able to interact with others, talk, smile or greet makes everyone feel comfortable and is one of the most useful skills you can acquire in business to enhance your professional image to be more successful. But many of us get tripped up on getting along with others. So, I give you tips on making a sparkling connection in business in this article.

Whether you’re meeting with owners of a business, the gateman, the office cleaners, guests in the waiting area, or the receptionist, work on making people feel genuinely important.

Meet: Whatever your status is in business, don’t wait for others to make the first move. Take the responsibility for meeting people. Be the first to say “hello.”

Smile: Taking the time to smile at people will show your potential clients that you’re happy to be in the presence of others and that you’re a warm, friendly person who is worth doing business with.

Compliment: Everyone loves a nice compliment. Find something that you can genuinely compliment the other person on and then move to a question.
Engage: Start a conversation. Ask questions like, “What brings you to Haquo Firm? Listen more than you talk.

Introduce yourself: Benefits are what the other person should learn from you (knowledge, education, skills) In your introduction, don’t start off with the words “I am” followed by a “title” because a title does not explain what you do or how you’re a solution provider in the business arena. Here’s a good example, “I teach companies how to manage their professional image in order to attract more business and make a positive impression.

To evolve or not: At this junction exchanging business cards will invariably be the next step. But, you should never pass your cards out to anyone just for passing sake.  Always have a specific reason for giving out your card. Politely wrap up the conversation by engaging in something else.

This is quite some skills to build, but you can build it, my dear business professional. So do not delay and start connecting with others.

Your friend and Coach,


For Small Business Owners: What’s in Your Employee’s Dressing? A Lot!

If you’re an entrepreneur, a school owner, an employer of labor then, you should read this.

Dress, makeup and grooming are important. How you dress like a boss and how your employees dress really do matter. How your employee dress can bestow dignity or take it away from you and your business.

Ensuring that your employees are properly, smartly, and professionally dressed is important to your business success, because it presents a visual image and sends a message that you’re professional. In fact, it represents your marketing image, influence how you’re perceived as a leader and whether people should take you seriously, and respect your brand.

A lady working for me is usually seen as my colleague and not an employee, because I help her with her wardrobe. I don’t just give wardrobe advice, I make provision for wardrobe. Can you also do that for your business, just for the sake of being recognized for successful branding?

Back to my lady employee, one day she dressed very tackily to work, and that placed me in a position of a very distinguished looking boss, and her, a rundown employee. This isn’t the appearance I wanted for my brand . . . I’ve been to some schools where their cleaners, security guards are clad in dull wretched uniform and their teachers in cheaply outfit. Also, I’ve seen some small business owner staff in attire that has no iota of professionalism. Is this truly the sort of branding you want for your business? Think again!

I told my lady staff she looks like “a magnified shoddy housemaid,” without being aggressive or belittling her. We joked and laughed a lot about this. I suggested how she should combine her clothes for a professional outlook. That would not only give her professional appearance but would also provide an easier way for her to represent my business in a good way.

So, how your employees dress can be said to represent your marketing message, the physical reflection of your own self and your business in the form of appearance. If you haven’t been thinking of “branding” start now to create a marketing image that allows you to build a reputable business. Create a professional dress code, and share with your staff. I can help you with this for a small cost.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation and Image


What Problem Can Your Talents Solve?

If you have been ignoring offering your talents in order to make a difference in your life, the community and the world, I invite you to reconsider.

Do you know what we call entrepreneurship today began several decades ago? Hundred years back you wouldn’t have heard people saying they were “going to work.”  Rather, each person had a skill they perfected or a craft they polished that could improve a situation, a product or a life and then, they would go into the community, the marketplace, or someone’s home to offer their abilities or talents in exchange for money, food, or goods.

Today, many people have the mentality that they are owned white-collar job. However, this is not where the true joy of life sometimes lie, but in using your talents.

What are you doing with all your God-given talents, gifts, opportunities and resources? Don’t tell me you’re not talented. Everyone has a talent; no one is created empty.  

Try these for yourself to determine your talents. I’m sure you’ll find the exercise quite motivating.

⧪Take a jotter and outline your passions, and activities you enjoy now?
⧪Write down the best abilities the people who know you have commended you for?
⧪Make a long list of your talents, and gradually cut it down to top five.
⧪Then brainstorm ideas for turning them into skills that could improve a situation, product, or life and make money for you.

⧪Before I wrap up this piece, it’s worth looking at a few more exercises that can help you use your talents. Once you’ve done the aforementioned, write down what problem is it that your talents can solve, and how you can solve it. List areas that need improvement, like taking a course or going for training to hone your skills.
⧪Identify your ideal customers. Get to know their interests, and how much they have to spend, and why they should buy your services or products.
⧪Brainstorm innovative methods to offer your talents that your competitor is not already using.

⧪Now differentiate your business from other service providers in your niche. Create (USP) unique selling proposition that helps give your prospective customers a good idea of what to expect when buying your services or products.  Ours at DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting is “developing capacity through training and mentoring.” And our slogan is “influencing lives with more success.” So, don’t confuse the two.

⧪Investigate your competitors, find out how they’re doing things to know more about the business and create a clear identity that makes you stand out from them.  

By delving into the core of your talents, you can have something to offer. There’s not much I can share with you on this topic in this post, and I know you’re really committed to creating success from your talents, right? I don’t want to send you off with these few tips. I believe more guidance will nurture your talents to fruition. For more help leave a comment below.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation and Image


Bizarre & Valuable Success Tip

Many years ago an older entrepreneur friend of mine gave me some unusual advice.

He told me to commit totally to become better than the best: put extra effort and, energy into pursuing EXCELLENCE in my business and career, rather than chasing down MONEY.

And while this sounded bizarre and somewhat depressing for me at the time, it did help.

Pursuing excellence gives you a glimpse into how your business can offer your potential customers more value than you readily provide . . . and can provide exceptional psychological foresight and insights into building a wildly great brand, plotting and developing better products and life-changing services.

You will probably want to try this if you’re operating a business, or leading a team in an organization and want to become phenomenally successful.

Over the past years the mindset of excellence has produced some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, and anyone who is willing to commit totally to becoming better than the best enjoys the same greatness no matter how long it takes.

This unique positive character trait necessary for leveling up to world-class can help you excel in all aspect of life. It will take you to the next level in whatever profession you find yourself, and help you to become better than the best.

Commit absolutely to excellence instead of pursuing money, and you will realize how extraordinary it is possible for you to be in your business and career, and be distinguished for astounding success.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation and Image


How Spending Your Time Well Will Change Your Life

Sit down. Think back over the last few years, or months. When can you remember being productive about something you’re doing? Try to think. Is your life going to move forward as a result of what you’re presently doing?

My last and probably more important question is: “what are you doing?” The answer to this question is usually an unequivocal “I’m busy.”

It’s easy for many people today to say they have a busy life, but they never achieve anything, because they are involved in pointless distractions, meaningless pastimes, worthless social media tasks, and purposeless pursuits.
For example in my case when I tell people I’m busy, I mean I spend hours at my desk researching, and developing material for new training programs and future books, returning business phone calls, or emails, following up on clients or sending out a sales letter. Other times I am teaching in schools, and studying to improve the positive outlook I display in my role as a person, leader, coach, consultant, and trainer.

What are you doing with your time, talents, gifts, opportunities, and resources? No one’s time here on earth is forever. Spend your time doing those things that will make the powerful and positive changes that will transform your life, and that of your loved ones.

I know it’s not easy to keep focused during hard times, but you don’t have a choice, because the secret of your success is embedded in the regularity of spending your time purposefully. So, do more than being active, spend your time productively.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation and Image


You Can’t Serve Every Customer

Recently, a company I won’t mention sold a modem to a friend of mine knowing well that the product will not serve her area. Thankfully, there is a refund policy in place. But, the customer retention person handling her purchase refused to give her back her money all in a bid to retain her as a customer.

This customer retention person in this story illustrates the topic for today.

There is this important skill that will help you through every day to serve your customers better. This very skill helps people to act right and honestly in all situations.
It is what makes you stand out in your customer service. It is what makes meaning in your job. It is called integrity.

Let’s be bold and be honest in our daily business transactions. When your product will not serve a customer, let them know. Customers have more power than ever before. Word-of-Mouth is their biggest source of referrals, and they will tell people about your business, because of excellent customer service. Don’t give room to any customer to disperse negative recommendations about you as a person, about your services, or the company’s name.

Do the right things, even when it’s hard. Don’t create bad customers. Create a lifelong and loyal brand advocators. Be okay with not serving every customer.  Let’s be more honest, shall we? YES.
Please, sign your yes in the comments.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building lives, Reputation, and Image


Are You Overdosing Your Children?

In celebrating your child or children today, and every other day, because they are special you have to be cautious in overindulging them. Children have receptive minds, and at this stage of their lives, they need to be molded and given the right foundation to become that great man or woman you will be proud of someday.

Unfortunately, nowadays, overindulgence has become parenting norm. Let me illustrate my point with a story that’s typical.

I know of a certain middle-class family. They were just able to get what they need to live a fairly comfortable life. But, they tried all their best and spent all the good to give their five children anything they wanted, so they lived in a world where they could not say “NO” to the demands of their children. Because of this excess, the children grew up to believe life is a bed of roses. Until the first child had to work during her industrial training program in school, only then, did she realize the strenuous efforts the parents put in, to give them everything, and how petty, and inconsiderate they had been, also the role the parents played in turning the reality of life upside-down!

From that day onward, she made up her mind to become a better person. Not every child in this young woman’s case escapes the ill effect of overindulgence.
To give your children their way in everything is a big lie to the future ahead of them. It’s necessary to say “no” far more often than your children hears “yes” if you want them to be truly successful in life, and remain a success. Stand between your children becoming emotionally undeveloped and selfish adults. Teach them the value of constructive and productive efforts. #ChildrenDeserveTrulyFulfillingValues

Happy Children’s Day!!

Damilola Ogunremi,
DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting – Building lives, Reputation, and Image 

Photo Credit: @EyeforEbony


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