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Monday, 17 September 2018

Creating the Beautiful You in the Face of Scorn

👉Imagine letting people put you down. These people are in your family, church, workplace, neighborhood and amongst your friends. Does the thought of that make you feel you are worthless? Or maybe, like me, it motivates you to stand tall above their wagging tongues and degrading lips? I know that belittlement, which sets in when you are not applying your image skill in the face of scorn. Ha! Well, I would like for you to start taking control.

👉When people talk badly of you, envious of you, bring you down or just dislike you for no good reason usually, what stands in their way is their lack of self-confidence, pride or poor manners from wherever they are coming from or struggle for their own identity. So, instead of focusing on feeling less like the ugly duckling, finding yourself through wrong or forceful means, what you really need to do is to put your time and energies into building your “image skills.” Otherwise, as this awful people constantly wrestle with the issue of image in their lives, they would continue to bring you down.

👉I tell you, most of the dejection we experience in life sometimes comes partly from opening ourselves to the bile of the awful people around us and from not understanding who we really are. From now on, you must center your efforts not on replying to their attacks or feeling worthless but on changing your perspective on the damage they are posting. Consistently filter out their negatives. Have a positive attitude. Create a much more beautiful you. Consciously or unconsciously, decide the tone of your image.

👉So what kind of image do you want to create for yourself? It should be that of prominence because you are sons and daughters of greatness. You should want the best for yourself regardless of what anyone tells you or thinks of you.

👉Steps to creating the beautiful you:

👉To begin with, how do you measure your worth?  What do you think you are worth? If you are loving, kind, beautiful, decent, intelligent, sound, bright, smart, ambitious, charming, honest, admirable etc, then, this should be the qualities you choose to see when people say otherwise about you. Your choices should be based on these values, not the ugly things your mood tells you because of the bad which has been said about you. Choose your moods, actions, words, and attitudes, the terrible things flying about you shouldn’t do it for you.

👉Additionally there other things you need to learn to create the beautiful you like acquiring new skills? Go for it. Don’t just stand in the wave of your antagonists’ wrath. Have a clear mind and pioneering spirit in adapting your new skills. Have in mind that not everyone would appreciate you, love you, be your true friend or perceive you the way you are. So I advise you . . .  Be Positive. Be Worthy. Be Healthy. Be Beautiful!

Creating More Success with You,

Damilola Ogunremi

Monday, 3 September 2018

Etiquette Tips. . .

Little etiquette for your new week! Ladies and gentleman why do you think you are a bother? Eliminating the phrases like “I hope I'm not bothering you,” “I'm sorry to bother you” in business and personal life will lift your stature in the eyes of others. It's much preferable to say “Excuse me. Do you have a moment? Than saying “I'm sorry to bother you.” Or you could say “Please I want to see you.” This state what you want, and as a result, you are more likely to get it without tarnishing your image. Passive phrases have a negative impact on your career or business image because you show you are weak. 
Start using powerful communication approach in your conversation. Stop letting others make the choice, and you are probably not getting what you want. Be assumptive. Be direct. The directness that comes with your want communicates a much deeper level of confidence, that you want customers, colleagues, friends, etc to see in you. So start using direct assertive statements. 
By the way, I have something a little special for you. It's a mini communication crash course that helps you eliminate self-discounting and passive phrases. With this course, you will start using direct assertive statements that pay off in your business and personal life. You can get this course for just N500. It's available in PDF FILE. DM for your copy or get in touch for information on our business and social etiquette consultation, training, and coaching. Email us at

Professionalism and Etiquette in Education Teacher's Training

I'm happy we've wrapped up Professionalism and Etiquette in Education Teacher's Training Week. In our program, we walk teachers through 138 training modules to make sure they know the modern differentiator in the success that has revolutionized the “antique” teaching career paradigm. 
Beyond knowing the modern operating methods that meet the new demands of the competitive school business environment, we also teach how to stay ahead on the job. We believe that being a technically competent teacher doesn't mean much if you are lacking in professionalism and etiquette that lets you manage a positive public reputation and make your employer's school business standout in a good way. 
Start improving your growth and development now. Get in touch for more information about our PEED Training for your staff. The course is available for teaching and non-teaching staff.  Email us at or WhatsApp 📱08170768650

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Basic Email - Etiquette Guide

Description: As we are now in the era of fast digital communication it is not uncommon for businesspeople to make embarrassing mistakes that detract from their professional image when sending messages. Our basic email writing etiquette guide helps you to use email appropriately in the business world when sending messages to customers, colleagues, bosses, or potential employers.

Cost: ₦1,200.00.

This product is for an EMAIL DOWNLOAD DIGITAL FILE that you print yourself. Simply print and keep our guide handy for future reference.

Once payment has cleared, you will receive your files immediately.

All materials are the property of DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting and are strictly for personal use only. No reproductions. You do not have permission to redistribute our files or documents for commercial use. Sharing our files with a third party is prohibited.

All our PDF files sales are final and no refunds will be given once they have been emailed.

For more information, please email us at


Monday, 20 August 2018


1. Good manners put people at ease. People at ease are more likely to agree to your requests.

2. Good manners impress people. People who are impressed by your behavior are more likely to treat you with respect.

3. Good manners build self-esteem. People with self-esteem are more likely to get what they want out of life.

4. Good manners are attractive. People with the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations * are more likely to have the friends and relationships they want.

5. Good manners allow people to live and work together without unnecessary friction. This makes your everyday world more pleasant.

6. Good manners can save your life. People who know what to do if they accidentally offend the wrong person are less likely to be beaten up.

7. Good manners are rare. People who have them sparkle like diamonds and immediately get an elevated status in their workplace.

8. Good manners make you feel good. You can hold your head high, knowing that you’re doing your part to stop humanity’s slide into the cesspool of incivility.

9. Good manners make others feel good. You can help to create a world in which people treat one another with care, respect, and compassion.

10. Good manners don’t cost anything. You can have the BEST for free...


True Stories From The DRS Manners Counter

Q: “The other day, I walked into the toilet in my school and a student from my class was touching a girl from primary two. When I asked him where he had learned to touch a woman, he said he was going to look for his pencil one day in his parents' bedroom when he saw them making love. Since then he peeps from the door hole to watch them do it. I don't know what to do.”
A: It can be quite strange for kids to witness parents' lovemaking. Fortunately, the rule of etiquette in cases like this is simple: parents should let their children know what they shouldn't see or do around the house. For example, they should know that it's rude to peep or barge in on other people or enter a room without knocking. It can be embarrassing for the parents of this boy if you tell the head of school. I would suggest you notify the mother of the boy of what has happened and give her this advice…
Hi everyone, I would love to hear from. What else should this teacher do? Please comment below. You can also email me your manners matter for capture.
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