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Monday, 1 October 2018

Be An Ideal Nigerian

By the end of this post, I want you to change the way you think about your country, and how you choose to be part of it and grow with it. No doubt, you will hear about flawed characters that dot the pages of history. Even today, you will hear criticism of our country’s leaders in the press, in the streets and in our homes. If we look at the situation critically, most times this displeasure is just about specific leaders. Should we then allow these few rotten leaders fuel our spirits with an unwavering cynicism? No! We should have an unshakable appreciation for our country and its Constitution, the freedom and opportunities we have in Nigeria and the responsibilities we should happily accept as a citizen. 

Let us learn to love our country. Previous generations have given their lives to achieve the freedom we enjoy today. Let’s look to these heroes and learn the qualities that these heroes cultivated as habits.

As an ideal Nigerian, you have a role to play by being a part of your community. Political leaders sometimes describe this role as “giving something back to the community.”  I know that some of us might say what has the country has given to us that we want to give back. Well, if you don’t claim your independence and be a noble inspiration to humanity, there are no ways you can ever be valued.

In my struggling entrepreneurial journey, every May 27th I have a program 'Welcoor Leaders' a series of targeted workshops designed to develop young Nigerians to become committed to moral and ethical actions that bring respect in the home, in the community, at school and ultimately bring these young adults good success to become 'well-coordinated' leaders in life. Also, on a day like this, I've developed the program 'Next Generation Nigeria' to give young adults, ages 12 – 18 the necessary behavioral structure they need for a solid future.

You can also volunteer to do something for your community, like help those homeless people who constantly face hunger and all sorts of danger. Offer to work for free in an orphanage home even if it's just for a day. Offer help in your synagogue. Put money in envelopes for charity. Help with a political campaign that is genuine, etc.

If you are raised to hate your country because of the corrupt leaders and see no good in it because of poverty, I challenge your perceptions to choose a different path today. Independence begins with you. Be profoundly significance by being faithful, loyal and honest to your country. Happy Independence Day!


Next Generation Nigeria

I couldn't wait to share the good news. Next Generation Nigeria is coming soon! This annual conference that provides the necessary behavioral structure for the young Nigerian adult to have a solid future will take place October 1st, 2019 at CVL 6, Balarabe Musa Crescent, off Samuel Maruwa Street, Victoria Island. There's exciting news to come (including a killer lineup of speakers), so stay tuned and save the date. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Damilola on 08170768650.

5 Things Poor Female Do That Classy Lady Don't

My experience this past weekend is what my granny would call "kayefi" strange. Or what my dad would designate awful. I was at the supermarket shopping with my friend and her husband when we bumped into a lady at the counter. She picked up my friend's bathing soap, claimed it is a good soap that helped remove the spots from her body. And boom! She opened half of her breast to all three of us to show us the spots are gone.

I almost jumped out of my skin from shock. Excuse me. What was she trying to do? Was she trying to seduce my friend's husband?

Every female is a woman, but not every woman is a lady. A lady is defined as a person who is decent, well put together and have respect for herself in her daily transactions. Her image is powerful! I mean there is nothing more attractive about a woman than having class. If you are like the woman mentioned above, what I want to do is help you thrive for class because you are viewed by the way you carry yourself. You are judged by the way you present yourself to others. You might not like it, but that's the way the world works.

Number one trait of a classy lady, she does not expose her body, because she knows this shows low self-esteem. Classy lady is self-empowered, soft but strong and doesn't have to seduce another woman's man to be her hero. Even when she is without her own man, she uses the negativity of her loneliness to fuel a good nature and wait for her time. She can never be happy to be easy to have. A classy lady is a queen and she treats herself as such in the way she presents herself to others. Another beautiful thing about the classy lady, she is virtuous and honorable. She lends friendship genuinely, she's concerned about the wellbeing of other women, she loves with all her heart and makes others secure around her. Additionally, she's of profound wisdom and integrity 

I hope you would be a classy lady from now on. If you are living in the guidelines I shared today, you would henceforth leave people who encounter you feeling glad they met with you. Always enhance the woman that you are and you would never regret being a lady. Leave your comments and suggestions down below or what you would like to see in the future post. If you like this post be sure to give it a love and share. I'm so glad you are visiting my page today. I'd see you in the next post. Have a great week. Go out there be kind and create a more fulfilling and successful month.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

DRS Mummies Phonics Training Workshop

Learn how to teach your child to spell and read effectively. Find out how English words are constructed and pronounced correctly and learn multiple techniques for practicing phonics at home with your child in a fun and memorable way.
This workshop has been designed to help mothers, relatives or caregivers understand what their children are doing in class and provide them with practical information and ways to support their child's learning... It is also relevant for mothers who are interested in phonics for their own personal learning and development.
In Module 1, you will be looking at: what phonics is and how phonics helps your child learn reading and spelling the four key skills of saying and recognizing all the 42 speech sounds, blending, segmenting and letter formation helping your children to practice pre-writing and writing skills the International Phonetic Alphabet so that you can extend your own pronunciation skills.
In Module 2, you will be looking at: initial and ending consonant blends and blending two-syllable words how to help your child identify, read and spell tricky words, and recognize alternative spellings some common irregularities in English spelling. Registering is ongoing. Call Damilola on 08170768650 to register NOW.

Etiquette Christmas Holiday Workshop For Kids

GET YOUR CHILDREN READY FOR HOLIDAY TRAVELING, VISITING AND DINNER TABLE MANNERS, AND GIVE YOURSELF A MUCH BETTER AND STRESS-FREE FAMILY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE. Boys and Girls 5 – 15. Dates: Saturdays October 27th, November 17th, & December 8th Time: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM Venue: 108, Herbert Macaulay Way Ebute Metta, Lagos.FEE: ₦10, 000.00 per child. Discounts available for siblings. For pre-registering inquiry, call Damilola on 08170768650.


The DRS SATURDAY ARTICULATE KIDS CLUB is commencing from January 2019 Saturdays from 10.00am to 12 noon. At AKC Kids Club (ages 5-17) children are inspired to unleash their potential with activities in elocution, writing, grammar, reading, listening, speech and drama, communication skills, spoken English, public speaking, verse and prose, acting, and MORE. HELP YOUR CHILD FACE THE WORLD WITH CONFIDENCE. Call Damilola on 08170768650 to Enroll NOW! Quality supervision guaranteed.
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