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Are You Overdosing Your Children?

In celebrating your child or children today, and every other day, because they are special you have to be cautious in overindulging them. Children have receptive minds, and at this stage of their lives, they need to be molded and given the right foundation to become that great man or woman you will be proud of someday.
Unfortunately, nowadays, overindulgence has become parenting norm. Let me illustrate my point with a story that’s typical.
I know of a certain middle-class family. They were just able to get what they need to live a fairly comfortable life. But, they tried all their best and spent all the good to give their five children anything they wanted, so they lived in a world where they could not say “NO” to the demands of their children. Because of this excess, the children grew up to believe life is a bed of roses. Until the first child had to work during her industrial training program in school, only then, did she realize the strenuous efforts the parents put in, to give them …

How High Do You Aim?

One of the reasons some people never come close to reaching their full potentials despite the fact they have the natural abilities – is the problem with the altitude of where they set their aims.
While aiming high can be very frightening, or seem unattainable, it only requires courage, determination, responsibility, answerability, and action to fly in spite of the fears.
Let me ask you something. Do you aim high? I imagine it’s rare in these hard times. I encourage you not to waste time aiming low, limiting yourself to only what seems easy, doable or simply possible. Don’t cage your potentials, because it doesn’t take more energy to aim high than it takes to aim low.
Instead of striving to simply pass your exams, determine to finish top of your class. More than pushing to increase your customer base, aim high to be the top marketing person. Instead of just helping others to supply goods, try having your own shop in the future. Rather than just doing your job in the workplace, aim high to…

Dating Etiquette by Damilola Ogunremi

If you're about going into a relationship, or you're in one already, the following tips will help you along your way.
Know What You’re Looking For Meeting a guy or gal of your dreams is a fabulous thing! However, if you don’t know what you’re looking for first, you’re going to make the dating process much more complex than it needs to be. Decide what sort of dating relationship you are looking for before you get started with your hunt, and you will set yourself up for dating success.
Establish a Mutual Friendship Do you want a serious relationship? Are you looking to play the field and have a little fun? Is sex with no strings all you want? Or maybe you’re looking to find that special someone and you’ve got till death do you part on your mind? Whatever, it is that you’re looking for; when you meet someone the first thing is to establish a relationship. It’s awkward to defining relationship before establishing one. For example; a man is seen as a weirdo. If he meets a lady for the …

Mint the Right Energy

How are you dealing with the physiological manifestations of upsetting emotions when you fail in your business? On account of your business facing impossible walls, is your effort still first-class in everything you attempt? If you want to prosper in your business always remember that high achievers routinely mint the right energy and strive for excellence irrespective of prevailing challenges. ⁣⁣ Just yesterday I was talking to a lady feeling stuck on how to go the extra mile with her services, deliver on her commitments and promises, and even admitted to the horror of slow business on top of all that. I figured out her challenges immediately. Our relationships with our businesses are just like the relationships we share with people. If we put in a load of care and don't get what we want out of it, we can feel bitter and like it's not worth going the extra mile for. As a result, this lady struggle with shredding negative energy and minting the right energy to produce excellence…

A Little Farther

Think about those successful businesses you find irresistible.
You know those businesses with the highest ideas, those who have accomplished great works, and make, you dream of becoming someone with a business worth becoming someday.
These businesses are iconic.
You keep going back to their websites, and social media to check them out because of their particular brands. You just like their success story.
What is the one thing that all these successful brands have in common?
Stretching far.
Stretching far is more rewarding than doing things as others are doing it, or doing things a little different.
If you are never content with mediocrity, settle for the average, make halfway attempts at any business you choose to be involved in, but do things better and push higher up, a little farther on, you will always attain genuine success.
Allow yourself to be stretched and expand in many areas more than others ever would. Broaden your knowledge, polish your talents, improve your abilities, and groom y…

Mix & Mingle with Ease

When you attend meetings do you ignore the opportunity to meet new people? Try out these following ideas at your next event. You don’t want to miss out to expand your network or to meet potential clients or possible future employers.
Accomplish something In order to get the most out of networking groups, business social events such as conferences and association meetings or cocktail parties, prepare what you want to accomplish from the meeting before leaving home.
What to bring with you Bring with you to the event plenty of clean, ready to pass out, business cards (preferably in a case)
Greet When you first sit down at an event, turn to the people on either side of you. Make eye contact, smile, and say hello, and introduce yourself. Express a positive comment about the surroundings, or the event.
Mingle Don’t be afraid to meet people. Don’t limit talking only to people from within your company or industry. Seize the opportunity to meet new people-potential new customers!
Initiate Conversation