Introduction to Etiquette and Basic Dining Practices

MSC103: Introduction to Etiquette and Basic Dining Practices 

Category: Children and Teens Etiquette 

Duration: 90 minutes

Virtual and Live Training Options

Enrollment (all ages) 

Investment (₦‎)

Help your children and teens to unlock the secrets of refined dining with our comprehensive course: Introduction to Etiquette and Basic Dining Practices. Perfect for children to elevate their social grace. This course delves into the rich history of etiquette while equipping the children with essential skills for any dining occasion.

Topics that are covered: 

💥History of etiquette 

💥Proper introductions 


💥Responding to invitations

💥Basic telephone skills 

💥Table-setting chart 


💥Utensils and their essentials 

💥Use of the napkin 

💥Different styles (American and European), “resting and finished positions” 

💥An entertaining quiz of dos and don’ts of table manners.

Whether your children are attending a party with you, they are invited to a party on their own, or you’re hosting a gathering at home, this course will equip them with the confidence and knowledge to display proper manners in any social setting. Send an email to, call, or WhatsApp 08170768650 to enrol your children today and help them become graceful ambassadors of etiquette!

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