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  • Achieving your vision of a balanced life and quality living is possible. Let us work with you. We ensure we deliver value to help you grow.

How Spending Your Time Well Will Change Your Life

Sit down. Think back over the last few years, or months. When can you remember being productive about something you’re doing? Try to think. Is your life going to move forward as a result of what you’re presently doing?

My last and probably more important question is: “what are you doing?” The answer to this question is usually an unequivocal “I’m busy.”

It’s easy for many people today to say they have a busy life, but they never achieve anything, because they are involved in pointless distractions, meaningless pastimes, worthless social media tasks, and purposeless pursuits.
For example in my case when I tell people I’m busy, I mean I spend hours at my desk researching, and developing material for new training programs and future books, returning business phone calls, or emails, following up on clients or sending out a sales letter. Other times I am teaching in schools, and studying to improve the positive outlook I display in my role as a person, leader, coach, consultant, and trainer.

What are you doing with your time, talents, gifts, opportunities, and resources? No one’s time here on earth is forever. Spend your time doing those things that will make the powerful and positive changes that will transform your life, and that of your loved ones.

I know it’s not easy to keep focused during hard times, but you don’t have a choice, because the secret of your success is embedded in the regularity of spending your time purposefully. So, do more than being active, spend your time productively.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation and Image


You Can’t Serve Every Customer

Recently, a company I won’t mention sold a modem to a friend of mine knowing well that the product will not serve her area. Thankfully, there is a refund policy in place. But, the customer retention person handling her purchase refused to give her back her money all in a bid to retain her as a customer.

This customer retention person in this story illustrates the topic for today.

There is this important skill that will help you through every day to serve your customers better. This very skill helps people to act right and honestly in all situations.
It is what makes you stand out in your customer service. It is what makes meaning in your job. It is called integrity.

Let’s be bold and be honest in our daily business transactions. When your product will not serve a customer, let them know. Customers have more power than ever before. Word-of-Mouth is their biggest source of referrals, and they will tell people about your business, because of excellent customer service. Don’t give room to any customer to disperse negative recommendations about you as a person, about your services, or the company’s name.

Do the right things, even when it’s hard. Don’t create bad customers. Create a lifelong and loyal brand advocators. Be okay with not serving every customer.  Let’s be more honest, shall we? YES.
Please, sign your yes in the comments.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting – Building lives, Reputation, and Image


Are You Overdosing Your Children?

In celebrating your child or children today, and every other day, because they are special you have to be cautious in overindulging them. Children have receptive minds, and at this stage of their lives, they need to be molded and given the right foundation to become that great man or woman you will be proud of someday.

Unfortunately, nowadays, overindulgence has become parenting norm. Let me illustrate my point with a story that’s typical.

I know of a certain middle-class family. They were just able to get what they need to live a fairly comfortable life. But, they tried all their best and spent all the good to give their five children anything they wanted, so they lived in a world where they could not say “NO” to the demands of their children. Because of this excess, the children grew up to believe life is a bed of roses. Until the first child had to work during her industrial training program in school, only then, did she realize the strenuous efforts the parents put in, to give them everything, and how petty, and inconsiderate they had been, also the role the parents played in turning the reality of life upside-down!

From that day onward, she made up her mind to become a better person. Not every child in this young woman’s case escapes the ill effect of overindulgence.
To give your children their way in everything is a big lie to the future ahead of them. It’s necessary to say “no” far more often than your children hears “yes” if you want them to be truly successful in life, and remain a success. Stand between your children becoming emotionally undeveloped and selfish adults. Teach them the value of constructive and productive efforts. #ChildrenDeserveTrulyFulfillingValues

Happy Children’s Day!!

Damilola Ogunremi,
DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting – Building lives, Reputation, and Image 

Photo Credit: @EyeforEbony


How High Do You Aim?

One of the reasons some people never come close to reaching their full potentials despite the fact they have the natural abilities – is the problem with the altitude of where they set their aims.

While aiming high can be very frightening, or seem unattainable, it only requires courage, determination, responsibility, answerability, and action to fly in spite of the fears.

Let me ask you something. Do you aim high? I imagine it’s rare in these hard times. I encourage you not to waste time aiming low, limiting yourself to only what seems easy, doable or simply possible. Don’t cage your potentials, because it doesn’t take more energy to aim high than it takes to aim low.

Instead of striving to simply pass your exams, determine to finish top of your class. More than pushing to increase your customer base, aim high to be the top marketing person. Instead of just helping others to supply goods, try having your own shop in the future. Rather than just doing your job in the workplace, aim high to advance in your career. It’s the trademark of top go-getters.

Choose now to aim high and exceed your potentials.

Talk again soon,
Damilola Ogunremi
DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting – Building Lives, Reputation, and Image


Dating Etiquette by Damilola Ogunremi

If you're about going into a relationship, or you're in one already, the following tips will help you along your way.

Know What You’re Looking For
Meeting a guy or gal of your dreams is a fabulous thing! However, if you don’t know what you’re looking for first, you’re going to make the dating process much more complex than it needs to be. Decide what sort of dating relationship you are looking for before you get started with your hunt, and you will set yourself up for dating success.

Establish a Mutual Friendship
Do you want a serious relationship? Are you looking to play the field and have a little fun? Is sex with no strings all you want? Or maybe you’re looking to find that special someone and you’ve got till death do you part on your mind? Whatever, it is that you’re looking for; when you meet someone the first thing is to establish a relationship. It’s awkward to defining relationship before establishing one. For example; a man is seen as a weirdo. If he meets a lady for the first time, calls her beautiful names and then, because she responds positively or validates the compliments he feels is now in a romantic relationship with the lady. This is also vice versa.  So, in order words, always establish a mutual friendship before defining what you want out of a meeting.

Dangerous Discussion
Discussing how much you’re worth comes with an increased risk that you’ll come across a shady character that is not exactly what he or she makes themselves out to be. Not every guy or gal you meet will be honest. In fact, some great guys and gals are just so rare to find. So, it’s necessary you don’t discuss your bank details, etc, with someone you just met.

Is it Safe to Visit?
If a guy or gal you just met suggests meeting at their place or yours and they insist this is really shady. I suggest you should not go. Before you decide it’s safe to visit a guy or a gal, meet a couple of time in public locations as this could give you an ample of time to see a number of red flags before entering a long time dating relationship.

Don’t Hit Off
If you eventually meet in a “closet” in his house, or yours, try as much as possible to resist the urge of having sex.  By doing this, you create a bedrock for a relationship. A relationship based on sex, may just be all about it!

Let it Breathe
Once the relationship kicks off, you need to prevent what I call the helicopter effect. This is when one of the parties is constantly stalking the other person. This could be by incessant calls and messages, unsolicited visits, and throwing jealous shades. Allow your relationship to breathe.

Having sex in a relationship bothers on opinion because some people feel they need to have sex in their relationship. I personally don’t advice pre-marital sex, which is morally not acceptable. Ladies note that having incessant illicit intercourse may end up spoiling the fun for the guy. As a typical male folk, relishes suspense. My dad would say, “Don’t have your honeymoon before your honeymoon.”

To Love or Not?
One of my mentors once said that it’s safer to love in a marriage relationship than when dating. This is about giving and allowing yourself to receive from the other.  In the quest to show love, don’t keep giving yourself without receiving from the other person. So, make love a decision, and not solely an emotional feelings built around fantasies. Love your partner for who they are and not encapsulate them in your own desires.  

Should You Commit?
Yes, you must commit in order for a relationship to work.

You Deserve Safety
If unfortunately, you become involved with an abusive guy or a gal, it’s outrightly not advisable to keep this sort of relationship going, because it’s bound to be worse if you end up marrying this person. While change is possible, it's hard to do and it takes a long time. You don’t owe it to anybody to stay in an abusive relationship. So, care for yourself.

Dating & the Altar
Despite your dreams, feelings, impulses, and conviction, note that not every relationship leads to marriage. Always try to look at the big picture. People come into our lives for different reasons which may be beyond a romantic relationship, even though; we met on such terms.  Don’t count your eggs before they hatched. See relationship as an opportunity to make yourself better. Good luck with your dating relationships.

Damilola Ogunremi – DRS etiquette and Image Consulting

Photo Credit: Nicole Berro from Pexels


Mint the Right Energy

How are you dealing with the physiological manifestations of upsetting emotions when you fail in your business? On account of your business facing impossible walls, is your effort still first-class in everything you attempt? If you want to prosper in your business always remember that high achievers routinely mint the right energy and strive for excellence irrespective of prevailing challenges.
Just yesterday I was talking to a lady feeling stuck on how to go the extra mile with her services, deliver on her commitments and promises, and even admitted to the horror of slow business on top of all that. I figured out her challenges immediately. Our relationships with our businesses are just like the relationships we share with people. If we put in a load of care and don't get what we want out of it, we can feel bitter and like it's not worth going the extra mile for. As a result, this lady struggle with shredding negative energy and minting the right energy to produce excellence.⁣⁣

What is excellence in business and how can it be achieved? BY DOING MORE! It's that simple! But, why should you do more in your business when you're not even receiving the proper reward for what you've already put in? What's in it for you? The greatest benefit is that you will enjoy a positive transformation as an individual which is one of your most valuable assets in taking your business far. You will become more confident in your area of specialization. You will be influential in solving your customers' problems and meeting their needs. You will have higher financial rewards. You will attract loyal customers who are pleased to provide referrals.⁣⁣

So, to mint the right energy and achieve excellence, you need to stop focusing on the hurdles so, it doesn't seem unreasonable to put in more than it's required. Success is the consistent effort in achieving excellence in everything you attempt. I hope you will take the chance to exceed hostile difficulties in your business.⁣⁣

Damilola Ogunremi – DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting⁣⁣

#MaintainingTheHighestStandards #Movingahead #SMEs #businessowners #ReinventU #VitalizeTalk #InsightfulMonday⁣⁣


A Little Farther

Think about those successful businesses you find irresistible.

You know those businesses with the highest ideas, those who have accomplished great works, and make, you dream of becoming someone with a business worth becoming someday.

These businesses are iconic.

You keep going back to their websites, and social media to check them out because of their particular brands. You just like their success story.

What is the one thing that all these successful brands have in common?

Stretching far.

Stretching far is more rewarding than doing things as others are doing it, or doing things a little different.

If you are never content with mediocrity, settle for the average, make halfway attempts at any business you choose to be involved in, but do things better and push higher up, a little farther on, you will always attain genuine success.

Allow yourself to be stretched and expand in many areas more than others ever would. Broaden your knowledge, polish your talents, improve your abilities, and groom your skills if it’s that’s what is required to attain recognition and promotion in your business.

By putting a demand on yourself, you’re creating the path to greatest benefits in your business . . . one that could potentially make all your dreams come true in life.

That’s not a joke!

Don’t assume you’ve done enough, do more and more than enough.  Now is the best time to stretch farther to create those ideas to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. 

There is no limit for you!

Damilola Ogunremi – DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting


Mix & Mingle with Ease

When you attend meetings do you ignore the opportunity to meet new people? Try out these following ideas at your next event. You don’t want to miss out to expand your network or to meet potential clients or possible future employers.

Accomplish something
In order to get the most out of networking groups, business social events such as conferences and association meetings or cocktail parties, prepare what you want to accomplish from the meeting before leaving home.

What to bring with you
Bring with you to the event plenty of clean, ready to pass out, business cards (preferably in a case)

When you first sit down at an event, turn to the people on either side of you. Make eye contact, smile, and say hello, and introduce yourself. Express a positive comment about the surroundings, or the event.

Don’t be afraid to meet people. Don’t limit talking only to people from within your company or industry. Seize the opportunity to meet new people-potential new customers!

Initiate Conversation
Develop various ways to start conversations

Your business & you
For each person, you will introduce yourself to, create proper self-introduction. Elevator pitch + name + tile + company.

Present proper handshake
Learn the several key components of the perfect handshake before you go for any meeting. 

The business card exchange
Don’t be in haste to exchange business cards, be patient to see if there is a good reason to give it. Don’t just collect cards, collect potential relationships.

The meeting
Ask questions from each person you meet, but listen more than you talk. If he or she seems uninterested, excuse yourself and move on to the next person.

The timeframe
While you are being positive, friendly, and enthusiastic, and having fun, try to spend no more than 10 minutes with each person you meet. A good timeframe will be three to five minutes with each person you meet to determine whether or not there is a good connection.

Make it all count
Make your networking efforts count by following up with what you promised.  Make that call, send that information!


That Your Affairs Will Meet With Success

While I do believe praying intensely to God, fasting, meditating, or maintaining a high moral lifestyle could impact our lives and psyche positively, doing this without observing the certain core success principles may just result in futility and unaccomplished life.

There is so much more to do than solely engaging in moral and religious activities or rituals when shooting for success in any given endeavors. ‘That your affairs will meet with success’ the following tips could be of help:

  • Be consistent in your dealings. Diligence is key for a productive life!
  • Make significant changes and choices that can enable your affairs to meet with success. Like waking up early to be productive and putting plans in motion for how your day should go.
  • Keep yourself motivated in spite of challenges or possible disappointment.
  • Acquire wisdom which will help you be a more creative problem solver. Such can be to stretch an old idea by adding a slant to use it to better your business.
  • Master the skills that are relevant to your field of expertise.
  • Conquer the fears that hold you back by facing it squarely. E.g., get that proposal done, meet that contact in that firm, schedule that meeting with that top shot, etc.
  • But be aware that things may not always go as planned. Importantly, strengthen yourself to face the challenges that come along with reaching the stars.  

There is an ideal life in the mind of the Creator for us. Notwithstanding, applying the core success principles in our daily affairs means success will recognize our dealings and reward our efforts in due time.  #Reinventyourself  #LetYourDiligenceBeGreatest  # GoBeyondTheBasic and your affairs will surely meet success.


The Extraordinary Wife Complete Etiquette Guide

You have the style, brands, and luxury to get married, but do you have the knowledge of sustaining a marriage successfully where you are required to transform from a girl to a lady, where you are expected to play many roles i.e. daughter in law to your in-laws, a wife to your husband as well as effectively handling your professional life?

Our complete etiquette guide The Extraordinary Wife will help you lay the foundation of your life long relationship on sound principles, and strong moral bedrock. This thirty five-lesson-course will not only make you a beautiful bride but, evolve you as confident bride full of etiquettes, good impression and remarkable qualities.

Who is this course meant for?  Ladies, a wanna-be bride, soon-to-be bride, currently a wife, or a divorcee who want to take important steps to develop outstanding character traits and the techniques to promote a blissful union. Isn’t that incredible?  This detailed course gives you the information and knowledge necessary to balance the challenges you may encounter in your marital relationship.

Book Now for Only ₦100, 000! Not sure this is the only information and knowledge you need? Of course, that’s not all we offer as touching this training program! This course plus cooking lesson comprises of Nigerian exotic and stipple dishes with additional ₦50, 000. For more inquiries, contact 08170768650.


Are Bad Times Really Bad?

Hope, expecting to see new opportunities and possibilities open before us, taking chances to change and grow toward our success, believing something good will happen to us, what will happen to us without them when we experience the best worst times of our lives?

Are bad times really bad? My answer to that is a clear no! I’m a living testament. When I recall my setbacks in the past, I see they were a blessing in disguise. Bad times are potholes you can’t avoid in life. They are put in your way for a good purpose. They turn out to bring a very favorable period with notably positive repercussions, and every action you take when things go wrong in your life will either enhance this good purpose or thwart it! REMARKABLE opportunities have a habit of happening to those who see stumbling blocks and negatives as a chance to better their immediate future.

So, go ahead to start encouraging yourself in bad times, and make choices that will impact your life FOREVER. No matter how hard life beats you down, have the highest hope that a NEW BEGINNING will come. Don’t prevent your growth. Don’t impede your progress. #DisableYourWeakness #ReinforceYourHope


How Do You Watch Movies?

Most people don’t watch movies when it comes to learning and improving English Pronunciation.  However, watching movies is a great way to figure out all kinds of words you mispronounce. And it’s time for you to stop seeing movies as a hobby or watching movies only as a way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Movies provide plenty of tools to effectively improve your English pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

I suggest you choose movies with a watch with subtitles or you can download a correct subtitle for any movie of your choice. And I will recommend @english.with.cinema on Instagram just for you! She has an excerpt from different movies with subtitles you could learn from.  

Your diction can be a powerful tool to further your image, entertain and inform. An evocative way which ultimately deepens others appreciation of your person. Never forget, how you speak reveals who you are, in a visceral way. Start today to think of watching movies as a relaxing and fun way to learn how to speak English fluently. 😁 #HappyLearning

#movies #learn #formofexpression #ImproveRealEnglish #listening #speakingskills #improveEnglishgrammar #diction #EnglishPronunciation #RP #SpeakEnglishFluently #DamilolasLearnHub #drsconsulting


Back to Etiquette Guide for Mum

In less than two weeks the Easter Holidays will be over, and starting school again can be exciting for children. It can also be scary. For some children, that same fear factor can kick in when they are expected to behave well in their studies. This guide will provide you with an overview of etiquette manners to review with your children as they return back to school. Reminders about school bus etiquette, classroom etiquette, eating at school etiquette and more will help them set the stage for the whole school new term. 

Cost: This ₦1500 digital downloadable PDF file has been discounted for you for a giveaway price of ₦600.00.

This product is for an EMAIL DOWNLOAD DIGITAL PDF FILE that you can print yourself and keep handy for future reference.

Delivery: Once payment has cleared, you will receive your file immediately.

Refund: All our PDF files sales are final and no refunds will be given once they have been emailed.

To get your copy, please DM, WhatsApp 08170768650 or email us at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com


Grind Down In the FAILURE Zone?

A number of people have told me, “Nothing is working. Life is hard. There are disappointments and failures everywhere.” True, there are hurdles to confront when trying to make a distinct difference in life, and many will keep seeing failure as a giant problem unless they understand this factor. But, for those who have the right mindset, their end results can be explosive in spite of their stumbling.

When you put in quite an effort and failure perpetually ‘grinds down’ your great expectations, what will bring about a remarkable end eventually, is largely a matter of what you really believe in your innermost being. There is no medicine like hope, and no curative like having faith in yourself even when you fail 100 times. I want you to start today to go through life choosing to live the opposite way of your failures. When failures assail, find out why, and take steps that rectify the errors instead of allowing you to be struck down. Be confident that whatever didn’t go your way is a plan by life to enhance your happiness, and probably increase a remarkable ending for you. Approach every experience of disappointment and failure that break you to be part of a great plot to make your life more pleasant and enjoyable later on in life. 

You’re more beautiful for having been broken. Don’t destroy your tomorrow by letting failure or disappointment grind you down. Distinct success is possible.


Get The Skills To Achieve Perfect Wardrobe

Do you know that while there are lots of interesting patterns, styles and fabrics that you might love, not all of them are suitable for your body type? A friend of mine used to have a flat tummy before she had her three kids. Now she has a bulging tummy and really needs dresses that hide this body flaw. 

The question is: how should she choose a pattern that will fit her body? And not only fit but also hide her flaws.  Do you have the same problems? There are rules for dressing that minimizing a person’s flaws. With the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years as an etiquette and image consultant, I can help you select styles that will play up your assets and minimize your flaws.

Go after a perfect wardrobe with our online Style Well Packaged For Success course today for just ₦6750 ₦45000 %85 off. Five days left at this price. Schedule a wardrobe consultation now to get started. Contact, 08170768650.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay



“Dress pitifully, and they recollect the dress; dress perfectly, and they recall the lady,” Coco Chanel said.

Some weeks back I was in a program when one of the speakers made eyes pop when she stepped out on the podium for her speech wearing a very revealing mid-thigh dress. She was a medium height woman, not too much flesh and she was in heels. So, technically, she was unable to get away with her appearance looking scandalous. Two ladies sitting next to me argued about her looks. One said, “See, what she’s wearing. What is she going to talk to me about class?” the other lady empathized with the speaker, “Awww… don’t say that. I think it’s her big bum that pushed up the gown drastically to the middle of her thighs.” If I’m to judge the situation of this speaker, her appearance detracted from her image and what she has to offer.

She could have created less attention on the mid-thigh dress by playing it down with kitten heel shoes if at all she has to wear the mid-thigh dress and heels by all means. Experts say there's a fine line between classy and trashy, whatever a woman's age.

So, is showing a lot of legs out rightly bad? I would say no. It has to be done in a way that is classy and suits your body and position. You can get away with this sort of dressing at the "anything goes" kind of event. But, when you are in a place of authority, this can be deemed disreputable. Your dress should stop above the knee, mid-knee, but not mid-thigh. Show off your legs spectacularly well and not excessively disgusting.


How Rich Is Your Appearance?

Hi gorgeous woman! Me? Yes, you! I hope your clothes for the week are well selected, classy and sophisticated?

I, on the other hand, I’m totally worn-out with women who go out shopping for food items, looking like a regular person with low standards of cleanliness. When you ask these women why they are poorly dressed, they tell you, “Is it not just to buy something from the market and go back home?” or they say, “Who is looking at me?” These sorts of women do their errands or pick up their kids from school, looking like women with no morals, with all their ‘clothes’, bare as well as wear clothes with holes in them or with stain and their hair messy.

What’s the challenge? Don’t these women give a hoot about what they wear or how they look like even to themselves? Are they lazy? Or do they simply lack money? I don’t buy such excuses! Money doesn’t help you to class up your look.  

Rich or middle class, women should take more care of their appearance and dress up more often. There is nothing wrong with dressing up and looking sophisticated even if it’s just to pick up your kids from school. Avoid letting your idea of ‘dressing up’ leave you looking like you belong on the street or you are from the gutter. Learn to groom and how to select your clothes in a way that will help you appear classy and sophisticated. Let us help you select styles that will play up a value image with our 'Style Well Packaged for Success Training Course.' For inquiries about this course, call us on 08170768650.

BETC – 920 International Business Training Course

In today’s competitive international business arena there is a huge demand for corporate individuals who are sophisticated and educated to possess the understanding of foreign cultures, international protocol, etiquette and communication skills that represent the essential credentials for government officials and corporate executives to communicate effectively in the public life.
Our two day International Business Training Course has been specially designed to hone your employees’ political, business, professional and social communication skills.

Let us help prepare your employees to apply standard international protocol guidelines when dealing with international and regional players,
- To polish their professional communication style,
- To enhance their diplomatic use of language,
- To refine their personal appearance and perfect professional image,
- To increase self-confidence in public relations, and
- To intensify their ability to work in a multicultural environment.

Who else can book for this training? All kinds of people doing business overseas and hosting guest from another country.

For any further information please feel free to contact us at drsetiquetteconsulting@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you soon.

The Role You Never Considered

At DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting, it is our fervent belief that proper etiquette and good manners should be learned in childhood, or at the very latest, early adulthood. As a consequence, we find it disheartening to see poor etiquette and manners every day in our society. If we make such a big deal creating civility in our homes, we will create a civil society with time.

This is a role you may never have considered. But as a parent, you are in a unique position to teach your child good manners even if you pay for etiquette training in their schools. With the handout provided at your child’s etiquette class, be willing to reinforce at home what he or she learns. Always be interested in working with your child to teach him or her proper etiquette and being a good example.

Additionally, your child shouldn’t spend far more time surfing the Internet or watching TV than he or she do practicing polite behaviors. 

Can we break and make our relationship?

Can we break and make our relationship?

The answer is unambiguous YES. Try to think back to the last conflicting or angry issue you had with a loved one, where both of you became quite emotional and the other person had to hurt you with something you had told them about yourself, family or friends.

What sort of feeling did this act bring? I will wager that you were deeply hurt. And even though you forgave them, you haven’t been able to forget.  My contention on this kind of behavior is that it holds the key to building a superficial relationship.

As lovers or friends, we will sometimes have a misunderstanding and there might be abusive or, swear words thrown around. However, this should never be an outlet to take advantage of the trust given to us to hurt the other person. 

Keep your relationship solid. Stay significant.


The Couth Kids Manners Checklist

You need to deal with this situation so, that your children don’t grow up interacting with adults and peers using a very casual attitude. Ensure they don’t avoid the need to use a mannerly approach to communicate. Help them to develop a sense of respect for others, and collaboration with, authority.


Who Is Recommending You?

Imagine that you're promised a really significant promotional recommendation, which could fundamentally change your financial life, or could determine the future of your business success.

Or maybe those uncles, friends, and aunties of yours who has the right connection already promised you a meaningful connection which could “advance” your product existing sales and give your services a positive push.
If you’re like those who had been down this road before and didn’t consider the pitfall, I imagine you will be re-energized and re-engaged in your business so much so that you will simply concentrate all efforts and resources in the promise to be given a promotional recommendation.

Read the following scenario:
Chukwubuikem has a new business that focused on helping corporate clients manage their finances. He wanted the business to grow to a reasonable size over the next five years. With this in mind, when a brother contacted him a year ago to prepare a proposal for his company, he decided to put all his efforts into this recommendation. After a year, through an email this brother mistakenly sent to him, he found out that he hasn’t been handling his case positively in all of his exchanges with people that be in his company.

A lot of time those who claim to recommend us are more of opposition to the recommendation they create.  Hence my piece of advice in this post: knowing who is recommending you helps you bring anything that could go wrong into the open and gives you a rational and professional structure for exploring promotional recommendation.

I urge you to be careful, and not put all your eggs in one basket by investing all your effort in a promise to get recommended. Have strong instincts. While waiting for that promotional recommendation, spread your focus. Happy Creating More Success.

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