For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids | Teaching Good Behaviour

Be present in the moulding of your children's character. It will serve you for a lifetime.

A child who exhibits repulsive behaviour, uses foul language, is disrespectful of you as a parent, and treats everyone and everything with total rudeness needs to be dealt with immediately.

Don't ignore character problems that need to be addressed with your children.

Correct children who have bad manners and a potty mouth as soon as possible.

Let your children know the difference between right and wrong behaviour.

If you try to teach your children manners, don't give up after one attempt. Reinforce good behaviours. 

Set boundaries that are backed up with discipline.

Be in charge. Make sure that your household has effective discipline and that everything is done as it should be.

Make sure you teach your children practical ways to incorporate excellent manners into their daily lives as part of your daily parenting.

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To your happier parenting! 💚

Damilola Ogunremi,

Etiquette and Image Consultant 

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