Q & A to Fine-tune Your Business Services

Business goals are of great value. The essential intelligence of such could lead to immense positive results in business. So when it comes to providing a service, make sure that you’re clear on what you’re selling in order to attract the right customers to patronize you.

In 2014, when I officially kick-started my etiquette consulting and coaching business, it helped professionals cultivate the right formal behaviour, and this was how I got clarity on what kind of services I am selling, the type of clients I needed to reach to progressively grow my business, including how to talk to them.

To fine-tune your services, define your business goals, answer your potential customers’ questions, and incorporate the answers into your marketing messaging. But in many cases, these goals are not easily identified even when in plain view.

That is why you should ask yourself the following questions I asked when I started. It helped me arrive at the result in the second paragraph above. Adapt the same questions also in your business, or area of specialization at the workplace to help hold you accountable for marketing your services correctly to the right customers so you can consequently achieve high results.

Example Q and A:

Q: What is the pain spot of my potential clients?

A: Unethical employees’ behaviours.

Q: What are their goals for looking for business etiquette training?

A: To elevate their awareness of self-inflicting career-limiting behaviours.

Q: What is their hope for taking an etiquette course?

A: To eliminate self-inflicting career-limiting behaviours, cultivate the right formal behaviours and polish.

Q: What will happen once they reach their goals?

A: They would be able to develop behavioural models that support career growth, make an impact in the business environment, climb the career ladder, build on current productivity levels thus enhancing company positive reputation and profit bottom-line.

Here's how I integrate all the answers from the questions above into my marketing message when a potential client asks the question, "What do you do?" I simply reply with, "I help ambitious business professionals to cultivate the right formal behaviour that supports career growth to make an impact in the business environment, and climb the career ladder. I also, guide businesses to develop behavioural models that build on current productivity levels, thus enhancing company reputation for creating a positive image and profit-bottom line."

I hope that this post has helped you to measure the power of being well-versed with the services you offer in your business. Start taking advantage of it to grow your customer base and benefit your business.

Love & more success, 💗

Your friend and Coach

~ Damilola Ogunremi 

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