Maximizing Client Entertainment


Business entertaining is a way to foster personal trust and confidence in others and is one of the ways you can learn to provide excellent customer service.

So, as a small business owner looking to increase your customer base, don't be surprised that meals can sometimes be part of a working process with your clients in the business world.

As a business professional, trying to close the deals or build an existing business relationship, when your client entertain you or whenever you have the opportunity to entertain an existing or a potential client, let the emphasis be on getting to know the client so that you can know how to serve that particular individual or company better.

Start from today to escalate your business conversations beyond fancy meals. Take your client entertaining to a whole new level by building the right relationship, and making every meeting with your clients worthwhile.

Love & More Success,💗

Your friend & Coach

Damilola Ogunremi

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