How Properly Do You Value Yourself?


When you hate your life unreservedly and see yourself worthless, you’d see that rather than ruthlessly and tenaciously striving for a transformed you and a better future, you’ll merely be making a living.

Rather than having the desire to see yourself positively, you’d see yourself as weak, poor, and ensnared by your wretched almost unending circumstances.

The impact of lesser mindset is wrecking! And a man trapped in a meagre mindset can never see the purpose of his life, conquer the forces that are pruning greatness in his future and summon the grace to accomplish his destiny.

Have the mindset of the HIGH-VALUE man and woman. Make your mind your best friend. In your mind, see yourself as a winner, a brave, and a courageous man or woman of influence.

Don’t simply try to endure poor situations in life. No BLACK HOLE should bury your life purpose.  Cart out life-changing lessons from the hole, and CLIMB OUT! Through the lowest point in your life, fuel your anger, and passion to accomplish your destiny.

I have this to say to you. Despite your disadvantaged conditions, you’re still adequate. You’re not a loser just because you’ve not won yet, and those that are supposed to be supporting you are rather giving up on you.

You’re not a FAILURE! You're GOOD and WORTHY!

You have what it takes to be valuable, to prosper, and to succeed. You have the significance inside of you to make a difference in your family, community and the world.

Start from today to make valuing yourself a habit, continually search for the silver lining and make the best out of any situation you find yourself in life and you’d achieve far beyond your limitations.

Love and more success, 💗

Your friend & Coach

Damilola Ogunremi



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