Appreciate the Gradual Business Growth


Dear Business Professional,


Does it feel like your business is failing in spite of the efforts you put in? Do you sometimes feel like giving up on your business?


I read the following statement in a picture comment, "the fact that your own indomie dey quick done, no mean say, we wey dey cook stone no get kerosene for stove." Hmm!


Seeing others succeeding around you, while you're not as successful as you should be can be a very painful experience.


I'd tell you something. You're growing in spite of the hard times, and there are beauty and appreciation in growing gradually.


Big money doesn't guaranty success in business in most cases.


So don't be "discouraged!"


Some of these long tortuous journeys have a purpose.


Do you know why sons and daughters of rich business people can't sustain their parents’ wealth?


"Ai jiya irin oja." In my language it simply means, they fail because they did not journey like the founder of the business. And unfortunately, because they don't have the skills that built the wealth, they can't sustain it.


No business success comes on a platter of gold. It's hard work, resilience and perseverance.


During your tough business periods, encourage yourself, avoid panic-spending on marketing. Spend time building your personal brand by eliminating what's not working in your business, connecting to yourself, connecting to your business, and adding values to your potential customers, so that you can increase your visibility and be ready to capture an even larger market share when things start to turn around for good for you.


A difficult period is just another name for the opportunity to build yourself, and get your business off the ground running. Make the most of your slow growth! Keep breathing even under the water. 💦 You’d soon wade through the turbulence.


Love & more success, 💗⁣⁣


Your friend and Coach⁣⁣

~ Damilola Ogunremi ⁣⁣



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