For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids

Dear Mother,


Keeping clean is scarcely a normal thing for children with their natural hunt for dirt and messy things. So, teach and constantly remind your child about the following. 


Teach your child that the fingers carry dirt and germs from everything they touch and because of this, your child should always keep his or her body clean to be a more desirable kid to be around.


Remind your child to always keep his or her hands out of the eyes,  nose, ears and mouth to prevent the spread of germs and illness.


Remind your child to always wash hands before and after eating, before touching the plates or handling food, and after using to the toilet.


Your child also should keep hands clean after playing outside, playing with toys, trashing a speck of dirt, after returning from school or touching the phone screen.


Regularly instructing your child to take care of his or herself, teach them the value of cleaning up. Teach your child that keeping his or her body clean is their responsibility. I hope this post helps your child build responsibility, self-reliance, stay clean and healthy.


My new book For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids is crucial to raising smart and well-rounded children.

Whether you want to become a mother or you’re already one, this is the best time to start learning relevant manners to impart to your child. If you’ve raised grown-up children by now, it isn’t too late yet to pull wisdom from the strategies mentioned in my book to brush up on your teens’ manners.

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Love and happier parenting, 💗⁣⁣⁣

~ Damilola Ogunremi⁣⁣

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