Place Settings Dining Etiquette Online Masterclass


What does your dining etiquette say about you?

Several years ago, a big organization hosted a business dinner, and the chairman invited me. During the business meal, I was confused when I sat down at the table to eat. Hmm. I couldn’t decipher the correct placement. I began to sweat profusely with all eyes on me. I panicked and used the wrong utensil. After seeing my behaviour, the man was ashamed of me. No one believed an excellent lady like me doesn’t have such impeccable manners. Everyone at the table also noticed my poor etiquette, and this ruined my business connection. A few days after the dinner, I emailed some of the people who attended the party, and no one responded to my email. Displaying behaviour that can be perceived as poor etiquette in professional settings can hold you back from advancing in your career/business.

Are you comfortable taking customers to lunch or attending business dinners?

Learn the language of dining etiquette now. So, that you don’t spend your time worrying about this nitty-gritty when you should be in the right state of mind to make business connection with the other business diners.

Our mini-masterclass on Place Settings Dining Etiquette helps you to remove the confusion of what each dining utensil is used for, when they should be used, and how they should be used. Which plate to be used, and which glass is yours so you can ease into formal or informal dining situations.⁣⁣

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