Live Each Day Thankfully


When you see people who have had near-death experiences, without fail, they appreciate each day than ever before. They don’t take a moment for granted.

Are you seeing every day as a gift from God, or are you waiting to have a fatal experience before you learn to live each day thankfully?

I understand that you have every reason to complain incessantly, to focus on all the things that are presently wrong in your life and business, to cry your eyes out nonstop over those things which are not perfect, the aches and the pains that make you sometimes bounce the idea of committing suicide, and the adversity that has refused to go away.

But in a big scope of things, your life could be a lot worse more than whatever you’re going through right now. You know why? Life is not permanent. And yours could be gone in a moment and then what?  You need to live each day thankfully and honourably like it’s your last.

I’m convinced a few years from now you’ll look back, and see no more the problems in your life today. So wake up every morning with purpose. Appreciate life in a much greater way, and as you live each day with a legacy of thanksgiving, your business and life will be marked with excellence and God’s abundance.

This week, I wish you favour and mercy in your business and life. 💗


Damilola Ogunremi

Your friend & Coach


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