Phonics Programme for Children in Lagos


Do you know that phonics will allow your children to develop their reading comprehension?

Phonics will also raise your children's phonemic awareness.


For example, if your child memories 10 words he or she can read 10 words. But if your child memories 10 sounds he or she can read 353 sound words, 4, 324 sound words and 21, 655 sound words.


Phonics is a learning tool that focuses on the speech sounds in spoken words, and their relation to letter patterns in written words. It is primarily a reading program, that also makes a great speech tool because of the way it teaches children to hear and speak the component sounds of speech.


PhonaRite Universe phonics programs for children are designed in clear, and easy concept for sounds productions to help your children with the easiest way of learning sounds, enhance speech and promote standard usage of British English.


Register your elementary, primary, junior and secondary school children today for our one-on-one phonics tutorials or small group learning sessions and lay the foundation of strong phonics skills for your children to have a good reading fluency, comprehension, spelling and improved articulation.

Live and Virtual Class are Available two times per week.

Our live learning sessions take place at 381 Borno Way, Yaba, Lagos. We're open from 10 AM to 3 PM. Mondays to Fridays.

Need more information about our phonics tutorial services? Contact Damilola (+234 - 08170768650 on WhatsApp) or email

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