Start with the Right ‘Pioneer Staff'

A company sought our services to rebrand their business card, and update their sales letter and proposal. While I was there to discuss these services, and the values they will bring to the business, the owner of the business deliberately included his only staff in our meeting so he could evaluate her intelligence, interactions and interest in his business. This lady did not smile, she greeted me callously. She did not subtract or add to my discussion with the boss. She was just busy pressing her phone and going out at an interval to receive calls. As a result, this CEO expressed a wretched desire to dismiss her immediately.

Dear Startup, this real-life example illustrates the need for etiquette training for your employees. My advice, don’t make people with business damaging behaviour your ‘pioneer staff.’ It will break your business along the line. Your business is what you make it. Cultivate the right behaviour, and skills to make it a ‘strong brand.’

Never stand for misdemeanour and poor work performance in your business.


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