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When travelling on a business trip, what you do with your off time is considered strictly “your own business.”





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DRS Etiquette & Image Consulting said...

When travelling on a business trip, what you do with your off time is not strictly “your own business.”

Travelling for business occurs more often than you think. Unfortunately, representatives of companies often forget that they are on the job and are expected to behave accordingly once they step foot out of their normal office setting.

Failure to keep maintaining a professional image on a business journey is a great way to ruin your company’s image! You should always behave professionally and respectfully wherever you are, especially if you are travelling at the expense of your company!

For example; business etiquette savvy travellers with etiquette acumen project themselves in the right manner, create the right perception amongst everyone that matters. They smile a lot, say "excuse me" in the aisles and "please" when asking flight attendants for help, and "thank you" when they get it right!

Now that you know your behaviour always matter even on a business trip, begin to travel without making professional image and career-damaging mistakes. Make the most of this business etiquette tips to benefit your business travel.