How to Prepare Adequately for Your Interview Meetings

Sometimes, receptionists are asked what impressions they have gained from job applicants. The core of this mini-lesson is how you as a job applicant can use notable business etiquette to make a good first impression that will fix you in their memory, and use fine eating etiquette when the interview timetable is running late and you are handed refreshments.

This etiquette guide is a good opportunity to help you meet the interviewer properly, learn interview questions and answers that are on point and would convince any employer, make a good exit and follow up with a standard thank-you letter. Read below to see what the curriculum includes.

Meeting the Interviewer

➨ From the moment you’re called into the interview room, be as confident as possible.

➨ Be the first one to make eye contact, smile, extend your hand to shake firmly and introduce yourself.

➨ Speak clearly, neither too loudly nor too softly.

➨ Say, “How do you do, sir or ma. I am Kayode Philips. I’m glad to meet you.”

➨ Sit down when invited, not before.

Why Do You Want to Work for Our Company?

Prospective employers want a “cookie-cutter” answer to this question so be specific. Maybe you found their atmosphere and staff warm and caring which is in line with your attitude towards a professional outlook. Maybe you strongly support their product or services. These are what your response to this question should centre around.

What Drew You to a Career in this Industry?

“For the money,” is not a good response to this question, but, “I care about good business and I like working with people who would provide better services to clients.” Try to be honest, but not off.

What Kind of Position Are You Looking For?

With this question, the employer is trying to get a feel for whether you’re a good match for the position he or she is hiring for.

So stay positive and focus on the job description. “A position that offers growth, possibilities and a different challenge every day,” is a good option to reply with.


Meeting the Receptionist

Handling Muffins

The Few Minutes Check

Meeting the Interviewer

Being Outgoing and Enthusiastic

Basic Communication Skills

Body Language Basic

Interview Questions and Premium Answers

Making a Good Exit

Following Up with a sample “follow-up note”

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