Etiquette & Social Skill Classes for Children


Dear Parents, did you know that we teach etiquette, social and emotional development, classes online?

We are offering online classes for children and teens from elementary, primary to secondary school.

Priced at ₦7000, these classes are thorough set tools to help your children:

·   📍Increase awareness of poor conducts and understanding of how good and bad manners impact their lives.

·    📍Develop an increased awareness of their emotions, feelings and identities as caring and well-mannered individuals.

·      📍Use appropriate emotional vocabulary, communication, and listening skills.

·    📍Increase awareness of others’ emotions and understanding of how kind and unkind actions impact others.

·      📍Acquire etiquette for siblings in the home.

·     📍Enhance integrity building skills through personal reflection.

·      📍Develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

·   📍Act kindly toward themselves and peers in the classroom, school, home and community.

·      📍Learn respect for authorities and parents.

·       📍Improve the ability to apply problem-solving strategies in many social situations.

·    📍Increase the ability to participate in the classroom productively, contribute to discussions, ask questions and share experiences, engage in learning, listen, follow directions, take risks, and play a role in the larger group.

·        📍Improve academic performance and achievement.

To select a course of choice for your children, youth, pre-teens and teens click 👉Children's Etiquette Courses. We will respond to your email with a questionnaire to determine what you want to accomplish in training with the chosen course, and how we can help you achieve those goals. With the information you provide, we will send you full details of your chosen course. For any inquiries, email

Training days: Thursdays and Fridays

Class time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST

Location: Zoom

Only ₦7000

All good wishes for 2021.

Kindest regards,
Damilola Ogunremi
Etiquette Consultant & Business Coach.


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