Etiquette Fun Facts


🎊💄👗👠👛 In the 1950s elegant dress gloves were a sign of high class and etiquette, glamorized by movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, and women weren’t considered to have the right social graces or fully accessorized unless they had their gloves on when they went out in public during the daytime and in the evening for special occasions like a formal meal, tea, ball, prom, etc. The wearing of dress gloves continued beyond the 1950s. While today they are rare fashion accessories reserved for special events, some women still wear them throughout the year, especially during winter overseas.


Should this accessory be part of our everyday wardrobes for those of us living on this side of the world? My answer to that is clear, "No." But, I suggest you can wear them to the red carpet. Especially, if you want to clad in fashion, and style that's vintage. Don't wear them to work in a typical office though. If you decide to apply this fashion, make sure to remove them before shaking hands with anyone.


🎶 📷 I would like to use this timeless fashion accessory in a music video one of these days. What about you? Which event would you use this fashion? I await your response.


I hope this post was helpful. 


Cheers! 💚💚💚



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