Have a Rich Interview Sense


Recently, I was to help a startup company conduct an interview, and one of the interviewees called to ask me what are the offers, and the terms of payment. Do you want to know what I told him? You don’t bother with my reply. Learn the following business etiquette.

Employment packages, remuneration and the 'safety net' of your employment terms and conditions are something to be discussed after you have proceeded to the last stage in the recruitment process, and have been told of the outcome of the interview screening process and invited to discuss these conditions. Discussing salary, and employment packages earlier on before the interview, or during the interview will make you an easy applicant to rule out. When you are going for an interview, your focus should be on how you will be a better fit for the position you are applying for, and the values you'd bring to the company.

Never be in the sticky spot of discussing salary, or packages at the wrong time.

As I've mentioned above, the second interview is a better time to discuss salary and employment packages. Ideally, by this time, you will receive a formal job offer, and you can use this time as your negotiating point. Normally, your employer or the HR Manager will use this time to discuss the actual level of remuneration included in your employment package.

Have in-demand skills and a rich interview sense. Don't make imbecile mistakes in the job market.

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