The Critical Force in Your BECOMING. . .

You’re the critical factor in your BECOMING in life. What you do from today forward, will characterize your life in the chaos and opportunities of 2021. Encourage you, help yourself be diligent in bringing you forth in new dimensions. Invent, innovate, plan, take action, start with what you have, don't wait until there's a bigger opportunity, pursue the purpose for your life vehemently in spite of any unpleasant reality that may surround you, persevere and keep the faith.


Don’t be worried about tomorrow. Your case is settled in 2021. You just know God more, love God more, and serve Him more and your life will be a proof that God exists.


I wish you many breakthroughs and miracles in the year 2021 in Jesus name.


Your friend & Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi

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