You Shall Not Be Strike at this Harvest Time

I am so glad, you and I made it to the last week in the year 2020. Praise the Lord for His grace, that brought us this far.  

It’s the last Monday and last week in the year 2020. If you ask me, I'd say, the end of a thing is very significant. If you read 2 Chronicles 24: 23, you’d see that the devil likes to appear at this time.  I pray that enemies prepared to strike you, your family and business at this harvest time shall die in Jesus name.

God’s grace, mercy, favour and spirit will rest upon you all through 2020 and even in 2021.

You and your family will enjoy the Lord’s provision and protection all through 2020 and even in 2021.

The Lord will destroy every throng of darkness who hate you and have vowed to carry out evil plans in your life and family in Jesus name.

Your enemies will fall into the destructions they set for you in Jesus name.

In the name that’s above all other names, in the name of Jesus, I decree death for every situation, man, woman, girl, and boy assigned by Satan to cause you and your family death.

The angels of the Lord will lead you and your family into 2021 with peace and progress.

The Lord’s right hand of power will protect you and your loved ones as you go into 2021 in Jesus name.

Believe only in the report of the Lord concerning your life. You’re sealed by the blood of Jesus.

Be blessed. I will see you in 2021 in Jesus name.

Your friend and Coach,

Dmilola Ogunremi.

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