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This past year was filled with so many tips and strategies on how you can elevate spirituality in your business. Create more success in your personal and professional life. I’m sure many of us implemented those techniques. And although I’m not certain whether you’re necessarily big on New Year’s resolutions per se, there’s always something rejuvenating about a new year to help you set new goals.


So, what will you accomplish in the first three months of 2021, and what outcome have you imagined creating in your life for the rest of the year?


Listen, having valuable goals will make it possible to survive this year. I suggest you start by identifying the highest goals in your life and their outcomes. You must have clarity about these goals and the things you need to do to accomplish them. Maybe, you don’t even have any goals after all the ups and downs we faced in the past year. I tell you, it’s time to put all that behind you and give yourself something to work toward this year. And you know what? A goal starts with an idea.

A Stroll through Generating Ideas You Can Weave into Goals

How do I begin to access ideas?

Simply write down a starting idea that pops into your head. I know, it will not be clear yet at this time. Don’t bother your head about it. Just write.

How do I flesh out the idea?

Begin, began, begun to write all other ideas, words and images that pop into your head as the result of the starting idea. Avoid editing anything at this point because it will cut off the creativity flow.

What should I do next?

The starting idea you put down will help you to tap into the subconscious mind to draw out more information in form of sparking more ideas. So, stay connected to the idea and keep on thinking about it for expansion.

The idea grows

Let’s say, your starting idea is founding a charitable organization or starting a daycare.

The idea leads to more ideas

Now don’t neglect to engage positive thinking exercise about your idea that will help you to generate more ideas by concentrating on why your starting idea will happen, focusing on why it looks possible and directing your attention away from what hurdles might stand in the way.

More ideas and positive thinking brings direction

This will inspire you to discover how to go about polishing your idea and which direction you want to head to accomplish it.

Finally, the idea takes a focus

With your idea in writing, you’ll begin to see a progression of events that will place you in a position to go beyond your idea, weave it into goals and make it a reality. You’ll start to notice the people, circumstances, skills, or whatever you need come your way to help you bring it to fruition.

Why should have goals? When you do, you’ll stay focused on what matters most while living a life of purpose in 2021.

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