How to Use Spoon, Fork & Knife | Mini-Lesson

Whenever I eat out or watch our Nigerian movies, I notice more and more people who hold a fork, knife and spoon, like it is a dagger. And then, they stab at their food and bring it to their mouth in a savage manner.

If you’ve holding cutleries in the wrong way all your life, this mini-lesson helps you to unlearn the uncivilized way of using the spoon, knife, and fork. It teaches you the right way to use spoon, knife and fork and bring food to the mouth in a proper way so that when you’re dining at a restaurant or informal and formal occasions, you present yourself in a polished way.

This product is a DIGITAL PDF FILE you can print and keep handy for future reference. And it has been steeply discounted for you for just ₦2000. You can have it today by paying into First Bank Plc, DRS Etiquette and Image Consulting, 2027036842.

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