Show Kindness, Courtesy and Politeness to Colleagues


Hi there! Happy new week!


I'm going to start off this post with a quick question. Did you create a friendly working environment in 2020?


Did you treat your colleagues with kindness, courtesy and politeness?


If you did, I want to congratulate you, and encourage you to make 2021 truly special, set yourself apart from the pack and continue to demonstrate respect in the workplace.


Here’s a quick refresher. In this post, you’ll discover 10 specific action steps you can take to treat others professionally to help your business relationship thrive:


Talk to colleagues even when they’re not working closely with you. Say, “good morning,” and good afternoon.” And let your goodbyes be accompanied with kind words like, “Have an enjoyable evening,” “Have a safe trip back home,” or “See you tomorrow.”


📌 Respect the privacy of your colleagues. Don’t listen in on their phone conversations.

📌 Don’t read your colleagues ‘computer screen or snoop in the things on their desk.


📌 Knock gently on a closed office door before entering.


📌 Don’t remain standing behind a closed office door if it’s not answered. Instead, go away for some minutes and check back later.


📌 Borrow items from colleagues’ desk only if you’ve asked to do so and return whatever you borrow in good condition.

📌 Spend time with colleagues on your break time. Don’t hibernate yourself in the working environment.

📌 Show care. Ask colleagues how things are going with them on the job and the home front.


📌 Use an “indoor voice” when you're talking in the office.

📌 Improve your working environment by picking up after yourself, and keeping your working space clean. Don’t leave all the cleaning to the cleaning staff.

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~ Damilola Ogunremi 

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