What Strategies Can I Employ to Obtain a Competitive Edge?

When you get clear on the uniqueness of your business, the products and services you offer and who is going to buy it, it’s a lot easier to begin to obtain a competitive edge.

Let’s look at five competitive strategies:

You can be competitive on price: Customers’ love for low prices is well known and pricing below the competitions sometimes is an excellent strategy to grab the customer’s attention and increase sales.  My advice, don’t price your products and services too high because your customers will not buy, and don’t price too low and neglect your profits. Set the most competitive premium price in the market to ensure a good return on investment, but use a temporary reduction in price once in a while, which could be a discount.

You can concentrate on honourable delivery: Practice good ethics and integrity in your business. Deliver product, service, provide knowledge or expertise with ‘integrity.’ Be customer-focused, and be committed to providing value to customers. Deliver on whatever you promise customers and do it on time.

You can supply quality products: By offering essential products or services, you’ll build a business with a good reputation, and earn the trust and loyalty of satisfied customers and profit your bottom-line correctly.

You can provide outstanding service: Providing a terrific service goes beyond just making sales and saying “thank you,” to your customers after they buy from you. It entails building a long-term relationship with your customers, enhancing your business’s reputation, training yourself and brushing up the business etiquette skills of your employees, so your business can provide more and better services to customers.

You can focus on design: To have a better first impression, stand out from the competitors, and have a consistent brand identity, have a professional design that expresses the interconnected brand of your business. A professional design of all your business marketing material makes your business easier to find, easier to understand and creates a better experience. . .

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