5 Social Dispositions You Should Have



By following pleasant social dispositions in your daily life, you’ll learn to control yourself, and become aware of how your actions and words help form a charming idea about you. And with enough practice, the learned formalities become second nature. This is certainly the case with the following manners.


Have Consideration for others – One of the most important values you should possess in your professional, and personal life is showing consideration for others. Simple, this idea can be understood as just giving something of value to the other person. On the contrary, it goes beyond the basic small acts of kindness. Being considerate involves adjusting your actions and words in small ways to accommodate other people’s feelings and needs.


Be friendly – Out there somewhere are the people who are going to be some of your best friends for the rest of your life; people you’re going to one day work with; the person you will marry and his or her family, which will become part of your family; and millions of other people. You don’t know them yet, because you haven’t met them. So learning how to be friendly when you meet people is very important because it’s something you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. To be friendly, have a genuine willingness to connect when you meet people. Smile and greet. Don’t act aloof or fake. Make people feel comfortable and welcome when they are around you. Don't talk when other people are talking, and listen to other people's ideas. Be reliable and trustworthy.


Be agreeable – To attain agreeability, be trusting and forgiving. Be collaborative than competitive with other people. Show interest in other people. Listen with an open mind. Even when you don’t agree with other people's opinion, say something positive about it. When you’re confronted with toxic behaviour, whether it’s coming from a difficult stranger, a bad-tempered coworker or a touchy friend, respond in a way that’d stop the spread of rudeness. First, use a calm vocal tone to express your displeasure then attack the issue and not the person.


Be warm – To put warmth in your personality, practice gratitude in all areas of life. No matter how close you’re to a colleague or a friend, “please” should always be part of your every request and “thank you” should always acknowledge every granted favour and kindness. Ensure you’re happy for others and not envious of their success. Hold yourself confidently,  gracious and kind.


Be charitable – To practice charitable acts, make generosity a habit. Instead of occasionally giving a 100 as alms to a beggar, volunteer once a month or once a week, if you have the spending power to help others in need.

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