Even When It Seems Too Late. . .


"If only I had the chances, the sort of rich parents, concerned relatives, the important breaks and the opportunities, I’d have also, gone far in life."

How many times have you said this to yourself when you see others succeeding in one area or the other?

Everyone goes through a major setback in their lives. Once this fiasco happens, we may find ourselves wondering if we can ever start over and make the best of the new circumstances we find ourselves. When it comes to what others have achieved that you didn’t get the chance to pull off, it makes all the difference in the world that you don’t write yourself off and refrain from being envious of others.

When you’re in a situation where you feel that you've been left behind, whether it’s in your academic life, personal relationships or career development, and you feel stuck and afraid you don’t have time to start over in life. Simply make conscious decision to just start! The difference here is, whatever you wanted to achieve, didn’t happen at exactly the time you’d have done it.

When I was in G.S 3, we had a giant twenty-one-year-old young man in my class. Children my age would gather round him chanting all sorts of obscenity at him. In my own case, I used to deliberately look for an excuse to walk past him with the weird look of “is this for real?” We had another young lady of twenty-something years in SSS 3 an equally boarding house student. What do you suppose our vulgarity and dullness did to these two? Nuffin'! They didn’t pay mind to us. They plainly continued with the journey of success because they have goals for their lives.

There are some crucial achievements that are not restricted to some certain age in life. If your missed achievements are in this category, don’t let regrets or envy hold you back from realising them. If you have goals for your life, don’t tie yourself to the spot you are right now. Use the achievements of those who had gone ahead of you as a motivational tool to start over.

Whatever you’re late into, can still be reached, I assure you. So, stop limiting your windows of opportunity and future success because you think it’s too late to start over. 

I am starting right now. Are you? 😀💖


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